The top 10 best city cars on sale

The UK is ideally suited to the city car. Dinky dimensions make these most minuscule of hatchbacks not just a boon for squeezing through gaps in heavy traffic, but allow even the most nervous of parkers to slip in to busy high-street parking spaces like a pro.

There’s a heap of choice for prospective city car buyers so we’re looking at the best the sector has to give to help you decide what to buy. Put any of these cars in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save.

1. Skoda Citigo

Our favourite small city car is the Skoda Citigo. It offers so much talent for such a low price, it has to top this list. The low weight lets it nip through city streets with ease, it can return as much as 67.3mpg and insurance groups are as low as they come.

As you’ll discover further down this top 10, the Skoda shares much with two other alternatives, but it’s the Czech’s keen pricing that helps it grab the top spot.

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2. Hyundai i10

Hyundai offers several models able to challenge the front-runners of their respective classes, despite being an outsider just 10 years ago. The i10 is one of the brand’s most complete offerings to date and makes a fantastic city car.

Its biggest talents are the class-leading cabin space and remarkable comfort – two plus points teeny cars like these rarely offer. It’s keenly priced too, making it an easy car to recommend.

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3. SEAT Mii

Under the skin, the SEAT Mii shares the vast majority of components with the Skoda Citigo. The SEAT is effectively the same price as the Skoda but comes with a marginally sportier look.

Crucially, all the same talents remain, including a balanced driving experience and surprising practicality. The Skoda edges the SEAT because it’s priced marginally lower but either would be a great choice.

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4. Peugeot 108

The sharply-styled Peugeot 108 creeps into fourth spot in our top 10. The frugal engine lineup puts it among the most fuel-efficient cars here – 1.0-litre models fitted with stop/start technology return 74.3mpg in official tests – while sharp handling makes it one of the most fun to drive.

Prices remain competitive with the Citigo and, even the most basic models feature electric front windows and six airbags as standard. Overall, it’s a great effort from the French brand.

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5. Volkswagen Up

Feeling far more like a shrunken big car than a bargain basement city car, the Volkswagen Up is the third car in the Citigo/Mii trio. Aside from minor cosmetic differences, the main models in the range offer many of the same qualities, though you need to pay a little extra for the privilege of a Volkswagen badge.

Aside from all its other highly lauded plus-points, it’s also the only car here you can buy with electric power – the e-Up, as it’s named, will never need to visit a petrol station.

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6. Kia Picanto

Anyone searching for a stylish, well built and cheap-to-run city car could do much worse than the Kia Picanto. Available with either three- or five-doors, it boasts light steering and great visibility making it an ideal candidate for town driving.

Prices are on a par with the best in the segment, cabin space is above average, and the seven-year warranty is class-leading, offering great peace of mind in the long run.

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7. Fiat Panda

In many ways the Fiat Panda is the perfect city car – all the major controls are light, making low-speed manoeuvres stress free. On the road, it’s both comfortable and economical, making it easy to live with.

Those who might wish to venture further into the great outdoors can try the 4×4 model. It’s one of the only four-wheel drive models in the class, so the off-road ability it offers makes it great value for money.

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8. Citroen C1

The Citroen C1 is based on the same platform as the Peugeot 108 so, as a result, the little Citroen offers many of the same virtues – agile handling, a minimalist interior, and low running costs.

The entry level 108 costs £100 less than the Citroen though, so with all else remaining equal, we’d choose the cheaper option. The Citroen’s awkward headlights, equally, don’t look as premium as those fitted to the Peugeot.

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9. Suzuki Celerio

Bargain hunters are well-served by the Suzuki Celerio – costing just less than £7,000 makes the baby Suzuki one of the cheapest new cars on sale today. It’s not just the low price that makes it a sound purchase though.

Cabin space is among the best in the class – particularly in the rear, where headroom is more than adequate. The 254-litre boot volume is among the best here, too. The efficient Dualjet engine is claimed to return 78.4mpg, and we managed real world figures of a highly impressive 64mpg.

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10. Toyota Aygo

The third of the 108/C1 trio, the Toyota Aygo’s marginally higher prices push it slightly lower down the pecking order. We’re still big fans of its mix of youthful character and grown-up refinement, however.

Toyota’s even joined its French brethren by offering a convertible version – dubbed the “x-wave” – it gives buyers the option of a retracting fabric roof. It sets these three cars apart from anything else in the segment, and adds a little extra fun to the city car experience.

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Skoda Citigo

Excellent value for a practical, charming city car
£8,495 - £11,390
Read review Compare offers

Hyundai i10

Practical supermini has five-year warranty and big boot
£8,995 - £13,540
Read review Compare offers

Peugeot 108

Stylish French city car is fun and frugal
£8,715 - £13,605
Read review Compare offers
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