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2015 carwow New Car Buying Awards winners announced

The winners of the 2015 carwow New-Car Buying Awards have been announced.

A great buying experience is at the heart of carwow’s mission to improve the way people buy cars in Britain. So it’s only fitting that it plays a key role in determining the winners of our awards. Our unique Customer Satisfaction Index tracks real-time data on phone calls, enquiry response times and customer ratings for every manufacturer-approved dealership on carwow, providing rich insight into the customer experience nationwide.

Expert reviews play a valuable role in helping buyers select the right car, so we factor the ‘wowscore’ into the awards – a rating calculated by averaging the scores of the UK’s leading motoring publications to create a true reflection of a car’s abilities.

Finally, the proof of the pudding is in the eating – how popular is each car with Britain’s car buyers? We factor in how many models have been sold per dealership over the past year on carwow.

The categories

The winners

Overall Winner: Car of the Year

The 2015 carwow Car of the Year is the Nissan Qashqai. It won thanks to being an ideal car for the majority of UK buyers, something reflected in its superb wowscore. Couple that with the fact that Nissan’s dealers are consistently among the most helpful and responsive, and you have concrete proof that the Qashqai is an outstanding car to buy and own.


Small Car of the Year

Our Small Car of the Year award goes to the Ford Fiesta.

Small Car of the Year runners up
2 Volkswagen Polo
3 Hyundai i10
4 Volkswagen Up!
5 Skoda Fabia


Mid-size Car of the Year

The Nissan Qashqai also takes our Mid-size Car of the Year award.

Mid-size Car of the Year runners up
2 Volkswagen Golf
3 Audi A3 Sportback
4 Volkswagen Tiguan
5 Skoda Octavia Estate


Large Car of the Year

The Audi Q5 wins the Large Car of the Year award.

Large Car of the Year runners up
2 Volkswagen Touareg
3 Nissan X-Trail
4 Renault Grand Scenic
5 Ford Grand C-Max


Sports Car of the Year

Sports Car of the Year? That’ll be the Mercedes SLK.

Sports Car of the Year runners up
2 Toyota GT86
3 Mercedes SL
4 Jaguar F-Type
5 Subaru BRZ


Premium Executive Car of the Year

The Mercedes C-Class wins the Premium Executive Car of the Year award.

Premium Executive Car of the Year runners up
2 Mercedes C-Class Estate
3 Audi A6 Avant
4 Mercedes E-Class Saloon
5 Jaguar XF


Manufacturer of the Year

Nissan picked up our Manufacturer of the Year award for its exemplary customer satisfaction over the past year, calculated by the average response time of its dealers and ratings from customer reviews.


 Rising Star Award

Alfa Romeo wins our Rising Star award, awarded to the manufacturer which showed the biggest improvement in customer service between 2014 and 2015.

Congratulations to all our winners and runner-ups!

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