BMW 4 Series colours guide and prices

The BMW 4 Series is a two-door coupe for those who appreciate the performance and handling of the 3 Series saloon on which it is based, but want a sportier look. There are plenty of customisation options for the 4 Series with SE, Sport and M Sport trim levels offering different looks and a range of alloy wheels to choose from.

Below we’ve listed all the paint options for the BMW 4 Series, along with a description and its price. If you like the look of this Bavarian bruiser, head over to our BMW 4 Series deals page to check out the latest carwow offers.

Solid finishes

Alpine White – £0

While white is a very fashionable colour at the moment, we’d recommend avoiding smaller wheel options otherwise it will still look a little too ‘bargain basement’. Plenty of washing will be required to keep this paint clean but used buyers will be very tempted.

Jet Black – £0

A gloss black is likely to appeal to used car buyers and, because it doesn’t add anything to the cost, it’s worth considering. Black cars tend to show up swirl marks from cheap car washes, so it’s worth taking good care of it because used buyers will scrabble to buy this shade.

Metallic finishes

Mineral White – £645

Given the current demand for white cars, Mineral White is certain to be a popular choice come trade-in time. It’ll be hard work to keep clean though because white leaves no place for road grime to hide.

Glacier Silver – £645

One of the colours buyers commonly associate with German cars, this typical silver will always be a hit on the used market. Road grime will show up quickly, however, so leave a budget for car wash visits.

Black Sapphire – £645

It may cost £645 more than the other black paint finish but, to many, the added prestige of a metallic finish will justify the extra outlay. Again, don’t cut corners when you clean it otherwise you’ll leave swirl marks in the finish.

Melbourne Red metallic – £645

This bright metallic red was initially the preserve of high performance models like the M4, but sufficient demand has seen it make an appearance throughout the rest of the range. While greys and silvers might prove more popular to used buyers, it should still command fairly strong residual values when you choose to part-exchange or sell the car.

Imperial Blue Xirallic – £645

Dark blue cars aren’t quite as popular as they once were, but Imperial Blue is subtle enough that it shouldn’t cause significantly greater depreciation than any of the other 4 Series hues. Used buyers won’t walk away from this shade thanks to its inoffensive nature.

Orion Silver metallic – £645

This slightly gold-tinted hides dirt marginally better than white and silver cars, but isn’t likely to be one of the most financially sensible choices in the range. There are extroverted used buyers out there that will like this shade but don’t be surprised if it’s harder to sell on than a black, blue or silver model.

Midnight Blue – £645

Another dark blue shade that’s a sensible choice from a financial point of view. It’ll mask dirty road spray better than many lighter shades, so won’t consign you to endless hours scrubbing it.

Mineral Grey – £645

Buyers can’t get enough of grey German cars, so Mineral Grey is likely to be one of the most depreciation-resistant options in the 4 Series range. It’s also one of the most dirt-resistant and will need only a fraction of the cleaning lighter shades need.

Sparkling Brown – £645

It won’t need washing often, but future values for Sparkling Brown are uncertain. It’s a sophisticated colour, nevertheless, so you’re unlikely to be stuck with this car and there’s a chance brown could only get more popular as time goes on.

Estoril Blue – £645

Available only on M Sport models, the eye-catching Estoril blue will be a desirable choice among performance car fans because the latest M3 launched in this colour. It’ll be worth cleaning it on a regular basis to see it at its best.

Special finishes

Citrine Black – £1,395

Choosing Citrine Black may not be the most sensible decision from a financial point of view because, while you’re unlikely to struggle to resell it, you’ll struggle to recover the money you spent on it – it’s a head over the heart decision. It’ll hide road grime for an age, however, so regular cleaning won’t be needed.

Champagne Quartz – £1,395

This dark gold shade is one of the best choices for disguising grime if your car hasn’t been washed in weeks. The only problem is that £1,395 is quite a lot of money, so it’s well worth taking a closer look at it in the flesh to see if it’s your cup of tea. You probably won’t recover the cost of this shade come resale time.

Tanzanite Blue – £1,395

Another shade that often finds its way onto BMW’s sportiest models, Tanzanite blue won’t make as much financial sense as the cheaper blues further down the range. It’s a very attractive shade, however, meaning you’ll find it easy to resell the car later on.

Smoked Topaz – £1,395

This interesting pearlescent brown comes into its own in bright light, and is certainly one of the most fashionable shades in the 4 Series range. It remains to be seen how long brown cars will stay in fashion, so it might be difficult to get any return on the £1,395 price.

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