Dacia Sandero & Stepway colours guide & prices

The Dacia Sandero and off-road biased Sandero Stepway are sensible, practical and affordable small cars. If you’re buying one, consider the colour with care, because whatever you decide will significantly affect how long it lasts between cleans, and how speedily you’ll find a buyer when the time comes to sell.

The entry-level Access Sandero is only available in white, while Ambiance and Laureate models come in white or four optional metallic shades. The Laureate Prime trim level only comes in Cosmos Blue because it’s the top-of-the-range version.

Put either the Dacia Sandero or the Dacia Sandero Stepway in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. Read our car paint types guide to help you understand the difference between solid and metallic finishes.

Solid finishes

Glacier White (£0)

Glacier is a basic white that’s unlikely to give you any problems with reselling. While many marques charge extra for white paint, Dacia doesn’t. Just be prepared to have to clean more frequently than any other hue.

Metallic finishes

Azurite Blue (£495)

Azurite is a mid-spectrum blue that’s only available on the Stepway model. After monochrome shades, blue is one of the most popular hues around, so selling on shouldn’t be an arduous process. It’ll keep grime hidden for longer than the white, though perhaps not as long as a darker colour.

Cinder Red (£495)

Cinder red is towards the darker end of the scale and, for a red, you might describe it as relatively restrained. White, black, grey or silver models change hands a touch quicker so you might have to wait a little longer to sell it. It should fare averagely in terms of how long it will last between cleans.

Pearl Black (£495)

A deep, glossy black, this is a desirable colour favoured by the British public. Selling your Sandero on the used market should be a breeze. While dark colours offer grime a hiding place, black tends to be the exception, so make sure you go for a quality car wash that doesn’t leave unappealing swirl marks behind.

Mercury Grey (£495)

This mid-spectrum grey is a no-nonsense, sensible colour that’ll be popular on the UK’s roads and won’t give you any headaches when it comes to selling it on. It won’t hide dirt too well, so fairly frequent car washes will be needed.

Cosmos Blue (£0)

Cosmos Blue is exclusive to top-spec Laureate Prime trim and has a vivid cobalt blue hue. It’s unlikely to put used buyers off considering its inoffensive appearance. It’ll hide dirt for quite a long time before needing a good scrub.

Stone (£465)

Stone metallic does what it says on the tin – it’s darker than Mercury Grey but just as desirable. It won’t show up dirt easily and should be just as good at hiding small scratches, too. It’s offered on all trim levels and, being an inoffensive grey, it’ll be a doddle to sell on, too.

What next?

With our Dacia Sandero configurator you can work out how much we could save you when you purchase through carwow. If you’re still pondering your next set of wheels, our frequently updated car chooser and new car deals page aren’t bad places to start.

Dacia Sandero Stepway

Low-cost small family car with no frills
£10,145 - £11,145
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Dacia Sandero

Decent-enough supermini is spacious and comfortable
£7,995 - £9,945
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