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Video: Dramatic Honda Civic Unveiling

"If we never venture into the unknown, how do we get anywhere new?” This was the philosophy of Honda engineers, who courageously journeyed into the unknown to create the new and greatly improved Civic.

This exciting video shows the exclusive preview event at the 2011 Frankfurt Motorshow where the new Honda Civic is literally unveiled, vertically suspended from the ceiling. As it lowers, it’s quite dramatic, almost like watching a performance, the car finally coming to a halt when it’s horizontal and stays suspended so that it can be admired from all angles by the very impressed guests.


The Civic has definitely evolved with a much more unique and distinctive shape apparently inspired by jets with blending bodies and the LZR racing suits worn by athletes. Honda’s focus has been much more about starting from the interior this time round, making sure the driver and passengers are happy first. Engineers have spent four years experimenting with the new Civic and tested it over 20 thousand miles and have produced the quiestest, smoothest, best performing Civic yet.
It’s set to be a success. The Civic will be running in next year’s MSA British Touring Car Championships, so it will be interesting to see how it does!

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