What is the Mini Driving Excitement pack?

Mini is famed for producing cars that handle like go-karts and can put a smile on the face of even the tamest driver, but it’s also known for its almost bewildering options list – something that can a little overwhelming if you’re not up-to-date with Mini lingo.

The Mini Driving Excitement pack is one such item that many buyers won’t know about, even if it’s already an option on their car! We’ve done the research to find out exactly what it is, so read on to find out more…

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What is the Mini Driving Excitement pack?

The Driving Excitement pack is essentially part of the Mini Connected service – a USB interface that incorporates a number of smartphone based functions into the infotainment system of your Mini. A lot of these functions come in the form of specific apps, of which Driving Excitement is one.

As its name suggests, Driving Excitement aims to enhance the fun you have behind the wheel by offering analysis of your driving style and then making suggestions based on feedback. Then there’s also extra visuals on the in-car displays and instrument panel to show how much torque you’re using and the G-forces affecting the car (see below).

How does it work?

There’s a strong focus on the visual in the Driving Excitement pack, so you’re greeted by a separate menu within the Mini Connected part of the infotainment system. Then there are the aforementioned dials within the normal display – it shows engine temperature, power, RPM and torque, the information actually stays on screen for a few moments after the initial acceleration so that you can observe your statistics nice and safely.

A lot of the system is geared towards encouraging you to drive in a fun manner, much in the same way that some cars try to get you to drive in the most eco-friendly way. Therefore the car also scores you on the way that you drive and you can accrue points for things like skilful acceleration, precise gear changes and controlled braking.

All of this information is saved on the Mini smartphone app, so it’s easy to see how your most recent drive compares to your past driving skills, and you’ll be able to compare it against your friends… so long as they have a Mini with the same package, of course.

How much does the Driving Excitement pack cost?

Surprisingly for Mini, it has decided to include the Driving Excitement pack as standard of the Mini Connected package, which in turn comes included when you decide to upgrade the infotainment system over the base version. That means that the cheapest way to get it is to choose the £300 Visual Boost Radio, which adds a more detailed 6.5-inch colour screen to the existing radio as well as some basics like Bluetooth and an RDS function.

Of course choosing the Navigation or Navigation XL also brings Driving Excitement, as well as Connected XL and a navigation system. Mini’s infotainment system is heavily based on BMW’s iDrive, but the larger system is rather pricey and has to be optioned as part of the Tech package – it’s £1,800 versus £495 for the regular Navigation system. It may make sense on larger Mini models, but on the basic hatchback it seems a little rich for us.

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