Mini Excitement Pack: what is it and is it worth it?

July 06, 2022 by

Interested in a Mini and wondering what the Excitement Pack is, and if you should get it? Look no further

Car makers offer numerous personalisation options and extra features you can specify when ordering a new car or buying a used one, and Mini offers more than most.

As well as letting you add things like graphics to the roof, or even 3D printed personalised body panels, Mini is famed for packaging several features together in a variety of packs.

Trouble is, the names of these packs often don’t give much of a clue as to what they actually contain, leaving car buyers hunting out for resources like this one, which will explain exactly what the Mini Excitement Pack is , what it contains, what models you can find it on, and whether you should seek it out.

What is the Mini Excitement pack?

While the Mini Chili pack contains everything from LED headlights to part-leather seats, the Mini Excitement Pack is a far simpler affair.

While the precise specification of what it contains may vary from model to model (or even year to year, as car makers change precise features and bundles over time), if you buy a Mini with the Excitement Pack you should get:

  • A projector in the wing mirror that shines the Mini logo onto the pavement
  • Illuminated exterior door handles
  • Interior ambient lighting with changeable colours

The ambient interior lighting should comprise an illuminated ring around the central display screen that changes its colour and how much it illuminates when you do things like alter the driving mode, or adjust the stereo volume; the area around the start/stop switch should also be illuminated and allow you to change its colour.

The exterior door handle light helps you see where to open the door at night. As for the Mini logo projector (sometimes called a ‘puddle light’), this should shine the logo on the ground when the car is unlocked as a greeting to you.

Do note that the Excitement Pack is different from the Driving Excitement Pack, which is a USB/smartphone interface that lets you analyse things like the G forces you experience when cornering. 

Which models is the Excitement Pack available on?

Car ranges change a great deal over time and models, so pinning down precisely which Minis the Excitement Pack is or was available on is a Sisyphean task – not least because of Mini’s rather involved specifications.

The Excitement Pack was certainly available on the Mini Hatch (both three and five-door models) in 2018, and that is was offered with the Mini Countryman in the same year. You will also find it on the Mini Convertible and Clubman. Some of the features if the Excitement Pack have now been absorbed into other packs, so if you get a new Mini Hatch, for example, the standard “Interior Lights Pack” will bring the door-mirror projectors.

The Excitement Pack was also included as part of the Pepper Pack on some models and model years.

How much does the Excitement Pack cost?

Being a relatively humble pair of features, the Excitement Pack was standard on many Mini models, so should not add extra cost to the car. If your car has the Pepper Pack it may also have the Excitement Pack as part of this.

If in doubt, look under the wing mirrors for a little projector, or hunt for the other features described above.

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