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What is the Mini Chili Pack? Is it worth it?

May 06, 2022 by

Optional extras are a key part of car shopping. And while Mini is well known for its personalisation options, it groups many individual features together in packs. These include the Pepper Pack and the Media Pack XL, but perhaps the best known and most commonly sought out is the Chili Pack.

But the name Chili, as well as lacking a second ‘l’, doesn’t give too many clues with regard to what options it comprises, so read on for all you need to know about this suite of features.

What’s included in the Mini Chili Pack?
One of the reasons so many people chose the Chili Pack is that it bundles a host of useful extras, namely:

  • A multifunction steering wheel
  • Mini driving modes – ‘Sport’, ‘Mid’ and ‘Green’; these adjust how sensitive the accelerator is, how heavy the steering is and how stiff the suspension is (if you have adaptive dampers fitted)
  • LED headlights and fog lights
  • Part-leather seats
  • Ambient interior lighting
  • Floor mats
  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • Clear indicator lenses
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • A split-level boot floor with extra space underneath, plus lashing eyelets and a securing net
  • On-board computer featuring a speedo pod in front of the driver – instead of in the middle of the dashboard – with a small screen showing a clock, trip computer, temperature gauge and gear indicator
  • Passenger seat height adjustment

The Chili Pack builds on Mini’s Pepper Pack, so if you don’t need all the items listed above it’s worth knowing the Pepper Pack brings automatic lights and wipers, a leather steering wheel, floor mats, passenger-seat height adjustment, automatic air-conditioning and another sub-pack, called Excitement; this itself includes LED ambient lighting, illuminated door handles and Mini logo projection, which shines the firm’s emblem on the pavement from the wing mirrors when the car is unlocked.

Which models came with the Chili Pack?

The Chili Pack was offered from the launch of the Hatch (and the relaunch of the Mini brand) way back in 2001. Despite its popularity, the firm no longer offers the Chili Pack, having rejigged its options and packs in 2018.

The pack used to be available on the Hatch, Convertible, Countryman, Paceman, Coupe, Roadster and Clubman.

Given the amount of equipment offered by the pack, it’s well worth seeking out on the used market if you’re after a second-hand Mini.

How much does the Chili Pack add to the price of a Mini?

Back when it was offered, the Chili Pack cost £3,200 to add to a standard Mini Cooper. That may be a large amount of money, but ordering the options included in the pack individually would have run you £3,875.

The Chili Pack was slightly cheaper on Sporty Cooper S models, which already came with some of the equipment the pack brought, so Chili was an extra £2,400. On the used market, expect to pay a few hundred pounds for a Mini with the Chili Pack.

Some owners may have ordered some of the options included in the Chili Pack individually, so to save having to check for each feature individually, a Mini dealer should be able to tell you if a specific car has the pack if you give them the registration.

The Chili Pack is well worth considering if you’re after a second-hand Mini. Many of the options are now included as standard in a new Mini, but they’re desirable nonetheless on a used model, so keep an eye out for cars with this pack. When it’s time to sell on, you may also find future buyers are also keen on a Chili Mini, making your car easier to sell.

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