Peugeot Allure trim: What is it and is it worth it?

May 17, 2022 by

Allure trim is available with many different Peugeot models. Our guide gives you the rundown on what it offers, and if it’s worth seeking out

Many car makers offer the same trim level across many cars, and one of Peugeot’s key trims is known as Allure. It’s a mid-level trim, meaning it adds a fair amount of useful equipment over an entry-level Peugeot, without bringing the expense associated with top-level trims.

As an example, the new Peugeot 308 range begins with Active Premium trim, before moving up to Allure. After this come Allure Premium, GT, and GT Premium.

What do you get with the Peugeot Allure trim?

Precisely what Allure trim brings varies from Peugeot to Peugeot, but to give you an example of where it sits in a range and what it brings, the new Peugeot 308 starts at £25,250 (correct as of May 2022).

Upgrading to Allure trim costs just under £2,000, while moving further up the range to Allure Premium costs a further £1,000. GT and GT Premium cost roughly £1,900 and £3,500 over Allure Premium.

Exterior features

All models of 308 have auto emergency braking, LED headlights and 16-inch alloy wheels on the outside.

Upgrading to Allure brings 17-inch alloys, a gloss-black rear bumper, plus a chrome radiator grille and exhaust tips.

Interior features

Inside, all 308s get a 10-inch touchscreen, digital dashboard dials and full smartphone connectivity.

Upgrading to Allure adds a 180-degree parking camera, sat-nav, upgraded upholstery, interior ambient lighting, and auto-dip headlights.

What models is Peugeot Allure trim available on?

Allure trim used to be offered on a range of Peugeot cars, but now only the 308 is available with Allure.

But if you’re shopping on the used market, expect to see a wide range of Peugeots in this specification.

Allure versions of the 3008 SUV are fairly common on the second-hand market, for example, and with this car the trim increases the alloy wheel size from 17 to 18 inches, adds some extra driver aids such as lane-keep assist and blind-spot detection, as well as ambient lighting, and upgraded interior upholstery.

Is Peugeot Allure trim worth it?

There’s a reason Allure trim has been a popular specification for Peugeot: it offers some welcome upgrades over base models, without pushing the price of the car up too much.

It’s true that Allure won’t bring as many features as higher trim levels get, often not including keyless entry and go, some of the more advanced driver aids such as adaptive cruise control, or a 360-degree parking camera.

But don’t underestimate the cumulative effect improved interior and exterior trim details can bring – the seat material offered with Allure can really ‘lift’ the ambience of a cabin, while some of the exterior upgrades can make a Peugeot look significantly more sleek.

In short, Allure is a comfortable middle ground, which is well worth seeking out if you want to driver a car what doesn’t cost too much of a premium, but which doesn’t feel too spartan, inside or out.

Peugeot Allure FAQs

How much does the Peugeot Allure trim cost?

This would vary from car to car, but it costs £1,900 to upgrade the Peugeot 3008 from entry-level Active Premium, to Allure. Prices on the used market will vary from car to car and dealer to dealer, but you may need to pay a couple of hundred pounds or so extra for an Allure Peugeot.

Can I get Allure features on other Peugeot trims?

Yes, to a degree. All trim levels above Allure will come with the equipment it brings (or improved versions of these, such as making smartphone integration wireless, instead of wired). You will also get extra features in addition to what’s included with Allure.

Car makers tend to offer fewer optional extras with new cars these days, but if you go for the entry-level Active Premium 308, you can add sat-nav as a standalone feature for £1,100. But with Allure only being a further £800 on top of that, it’s easy to see why many buyers would rather spend a little more to get the sat-nav, plus a host of other features.

What is the difference between the Peugeot Allure and Active trims?

As discussed above, Active or Active Premium sit at the bottom of many Peugeot model ranges, so upgrading to Allure lifts you above this, bringing some extra features, as well as improved trim materials.