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What is Peugeot Allure trim? Is it worth it?

If you thought picking the car you wanted was the hard part, unfortunately, there are more decisions to make – trim-level is just one of these. It’s important to get this right because you don’t want a spartan car, nor do you want to pay for kit you won’t use.

If you’ve been looking at Peugeots, you’ll probably have noticed a trim called Allure. This is one is a middle-of-the-range choice and is available on the 108, 208, 2008, 308, 3008 and 5008. If you want one, put your Peugeot in our car configurator to see how much you could save.

Although there are a few equipment changes dependant on the model you’re looking at, we’ll keep things simple and look at the popular 208 supermini in Allure specification. The cheaper Active and Access trims already come well-equipped with air conditioning and Bluetooth connectivity, but moving up to Allure adds…

Just like the other models in the range (excluding the GTi), the Allure comes with either a 1.2-litre petrol or a 1.6-litre diesel engine. Both offer great economy and refinement, but the petrol is offered with either 82hp, or 110hp for those wanting a little more grunt.

Fitted with the 1.6-litre diesel, the 208 Allure is £15,895. That’s just over £2,000 more than an Access fitted with the same engine. You’ll see the same across the range – expect to pay between two and three thousand pounds more if you want the Allure.

Whether it warrants the extra price is up to you – cheaper models are also generously equipped, but the Allure adds a touch of sophistication the Access and Active can’t quite achieve.

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