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What is Skoda Laurin & Klement trim?

You have to make a lot of decisions when buying a new car. Even if you know which new car is for you, you still have to choose which trim level you want.

If you’re in the market for a Skoda you’ll likely have noticed a trim called Laurin & Klement (L&K). It’s the Czech brand’s range-topping trim, but does it get in the way of Skoda’s value-for-money ethos? Is it worth choosing?

We’ve put together this L&K guide to help you find out. When you’re done, remember to use our car configurator to get the best deals on new Skodas direct from the best dealers in the UK.

What models is Laurin & Klement available on?

The Laurin and Klement trim is available on the Octavia saloon and estate,the Yeti and Yeti Outdoor, and the Superb and Superb estate. For the price you get a lot for your money – Laurin and Klement trim adds every possible option available.

What does L&K come with?

The Elegance and SE L-trimmed Skodas are already well equipped, but specific Laurin & Klement add-ons include unique alloy wheels, leather and suede-like Alcantara upholstery, bi-Xenon headlights, adaptive cruise control and an upgraded stereo system. There’s also clever tech such as a lane-assist system and a self-parking system. On any other trim these would be pricey optional extras.

What about the engines?

There are no specific engines for the Laurin and Klement cars – on all models you’ll find the option of the powerful petrol and diesels of the range. A DSG gearbox completes the package.

Is L&K worth the extra cost?

Laurin & Klement models come in between £3,000 and £4,000 more than the next trim down. The Yeti and Octavia both cost around £27,000, while the Superb is £28,740 – that’s a big increase from the SE L trim that costs from £24,000.

Whether or not this increase is worth it is up to you – the SE L-trimmed cars have a great spec already – dual-zone climate control, leather seats, Bluetooth and alloy wheels are all standard. Aside from the specific leather and Alcantara interior and unique alloy wheels, all the standard equipment on the Laurin and Klement can be added as an option on an SE L.

Save money on your next Skoda

No matter what trim you go for, carwow can help you save money on your new Skoda – use our car configurator to get the best deals from the best dealers. If you want to learn more about Skodas, our reviews section has an aggregated write-up of all models. Alternatively, use our car chooser to see what other cars would suit you.

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