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Nissan Juke colour guide and prices

If you’ve shortlisted the Nissan Juke, with the help of carwow’s Car Chooser of course, you’re probably now at the stage of picking your ideal specification.

There’s plenty of choice in the range, so we’ve put together a short guide to the available colours to help you make your mind up before you use carwow tofind out how much you could save on a new Nissan Juke

Non-metallic colours

There are just two solid colours in the Juke range, and one of those requires an extra 250 of your hard-earned cash. Luckily, both are bright, cheery colours, so you won’t feel too hard done-by…

Flame Red (£0)


It’s a little hard to tell from Nissan’s configurator images, but Flame Red is the kind of standard shade of red you might find on any vehicle. Once Britain’s most popular car colour, now you’re more likely to find silver cars everwhere – so why not do your Juke (and your wallet) a favour and put a red car back on the road?

Arctic White (£250)

This isn’t a particularly vibrant shade, in essence being the same colour as a brand-new washing machine. Still, it’s very clean and, so long as you don’t mind keeping it that way (not an easy task during bug-splat summer) it’s a perfectly serviceable colour. White is still, for the time being, a cool colour too. It’s just unfortunate that Nissan now makes you pay for the privilege…

Metallic colours

The remaining finishes on offer for the Juke are all metallic and all optional extras (save for the Nismo Juke exclusive colours). Coming in at 500 (including VAT) they’re pretty pricey considering the cost of the car, but most add a little extra, particularly around the peculiar angles on the Juke.

Force Red (£500)

A subtley red hue – not overbearingly scarlet and not quite down in the burgundy ranks – but for such an outrageous looking car, quite a staid shade.

Gun Metallic (£500)

If you want to lose your car in an underground car park, this colour is the one for you. While silver seems to be the shade of choice for many manufacturers now, it does very little for the collection of unusual shapes that make up the Juke’s body. Best described as reflective tarmac, it’s probably one not to bother with – though it’s likely to hide dirt better than any other colour.

Pearl Black (£500)

Although this is a metallic shade it generally looks rather flat on the Juke. It’s not exactly a prestigious colour either – most manufacturers offer a black tint as a no-cost option, so it’s not a good choice for the extrovert. It does make the car look rather more aggressive than many other finishes though.

Night Shade (£500)

Juke Nightshade

Quite a pleasant deep aubergine colour that looks black in all but the brightest lights. It’s one best appreciated in the metal – photographs don’t really do it justice.It’s not likely you’ll park next to another Nightshade Juke and that alone makes it worth consideration.

Blade Silver (£500)

If one silver wasn’t enough, Nissan give you a choice of two. A hue that can only be described as the sales rep car park, this is probably the most nondescript of the cost options Nissan offers. If you’re buying a car like the Juke, do yourself a favour and pick a colour that shows off its unique styling to the full!

Sunlight Yellow (£500)

Juke Sunlight Yellow

Nissan introduced this vibrant hue with the Juke’s recent facelift. It’s an acquired taste – like the Juke itself – but you’ll stand out like little else on the road. Even better, you can have the same shade scattered throughout the interior on different trim pieces…


There’s only one pearlescent shade on the Juke, and it’s the second white in the standard colour range.

Storm White (£700)

Juke Storm White

Storm white could be a popular choice for the Juke, and pearlescent colours normally float our boat. But if it’s not cheeky enough that Nissan will charge you £250 for a white the same colour as your fridge, they’ll ask for £700 for Storm White (seen here on the Juke Nismo) which barely looks different unless you’re inches away from it. OK white is fashionable right now, but we can think of better things to spend that extra dosh on…

Other hues

While that may be the total of body colour choices, Nissan also offer a personalisation service, where you can mix any combination of body colour, chrome and orange for the headlight cowls, foglight surrounds, mirror backs, spoiler, door handles, sills and even wheels, to accent the car somewhat.

And with the sporty Juke Nismo, whatever colour you select you also get those neat red Nismo details to certain parts of the body. If you want your Juke to truly stand out from the crowd, it’s about as bold as you can go without a full-body vinyl wrap in a truly wild colour…

For more information, head over to our full buying guide to the Nissan Juke – we’ve got reviews, user reviews, pictures, videos and stats on the popular crossover.

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