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Peugeot 3008 colours guide and prices

The new Peugeot 3008 is leagues better than its predecessor and is an ideal choice if you’re after a funky and practical family SUV. There’s a wide range of colours to choose from though, so read on for our comprehensive guide of the different shades available to help you choose which colour is the right one for your new car.

To read about the differences between solid, metallic and special paint finishes, read our car paint types guide.

Solid finishes

Hurricane Grey – £0

This non-metallic, dark grey colour is standard across the range and is the only free colour to choose from. It’ll be pretty good at concealing dirt and should be fairly easy to sell on, but it won’t make the 3008 stand out.

Bianca White – £300 or £8.96/month

Unlike many other manufacturers, Peugeot not only quote the outright cost of the paint but also how much it’d add to a monthly financing deal. White paint will help the 3008 to stand out and look bold, even without metallic flakes in the paint. It’s available to spec on the lower Active and Allure trims and, with white being a popular colour choice at the moment, shouldn’t cause any headaches when the time comes to sell it. It’ll show up all the dirt, though, so keeping it clean will be more difficult than other hues.

Metallic finishes

Cumulus Grey – £525 or £15.69/month

Cumulus Grey paint is again only available to specify on cheaper models and it’s the lightest grey hue Peugeot offers. It’s an extra £15.69 per month over the standard Hurricane grey, but as it’s metallic it’ll add a nice shiny layer to the paintwork. This colour will require more cleaning than some other shades, but it probably won’t be too hard to sell.

Nimbus Grey – £525 or £15.69/month

This hue is the darkest metallic grey on offer and it adds a touch of class to the 3008 being understated but still looking good. It’s available on GT-Line and GT trims, will hide the worst dirt and grime, and will find a buyer very easily.

Amazonite Grey – £525 or £15.69/month

Lighter than Nimbus Grey and with a slightly sandy colour, this paint will suit the 3008 well and will need less cleaning than lighter shades. It’s also available on on all models and costs £15.69 per month, but the metallic paint should boost resale values and the colour will appeal to prospective buyers.


Nera Black – £525 or £15.69/month

Stylish and smart, this Nera Black colour will be easy to sell and will make Peugeot’s family SUV look great. Despite being a darker colour, the shiny black will need more buckets of soapy water to keep it clean and some car washes can leave smears on black cars.

Magnetic Blue – £525 or £15.69/month

This colour is one of the more vivid that Peugeot offers on the 3008, meaning you’ll stand out if you tick this £525 option. It looks smart so shouldn’t put off potential buyers too much, but it might need a few more visits to the car wash to keep it looking shiny.

Sunset Copper – £525 or £15.69/month

Sunset Copper is one of the more distinctive shades available and was the one shown in most 3008 television adverts. It certainly doesn’t detract from the car’s styling, but could be harder to sell on if potential buyers aren’t as keen to take the plunge. One bonus of speccing this paint is that it’ll hide all but the worst grime.

Special finishes

Ultimate Red – £675 or £20.17/month

It’s unlikely that this hue will be picked by the majority of buyers, so it’ll stand out if you do pick it. With it adding £20.17 to each monthly payment, or £675 outright, it’s one of the most expensive paint options and it might be longer before a buyer snaps it up on the used market. Ultimate Red will also need more cleaning than darker shades.

Pearlescent White – £675 or £20.17/month

This white is pearlescent, not metallic and has more of a cream colour than the gloss Bianca White hue. To keep it pristine will require the most cleaning out of all these shades, but it’s unlikely that future buyers will avoid it completely – it should still be easy enough to sell.

Additional options

Nera Black roof

All 3008 models are available with a contrasting Nera Black roof, but it’s an optional extra on Active and Allure models and standard on GT-Line and top-spec GT models. It’ll be well worth the extra expense as it’ll make the car look smarter and could add resale value.

Coupe Franche paint

If you want your 3008 to really stand out, this ‘Coupe Franche’ two-tone paint will guarantee looks. It’s available as an optional extra on the top two GT models and means the front half of the car is one colour – either Nimbus Grey, Amazonite Grey or Sunset Copper – and the rear half is painted in Nera Black. Being distinctive, it could either add to its resale value or make it harder to sell on.

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