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Toyota RAV4 and Hybrid colours guide and prices

A car can be spacious, well built and offered with a good warranty but, for many buyers, getting the right colour is one of the most important aspects. According to our buyers’ survey from July 2015, only price and fuel economy are considered more important factors for the majority of shoppers.

The Toyota RAV4 is offered in nine different colours, some are free and some cost up to £795. We take a look at each including images from Toyota’s online car configurator – to help you pick the right one.

Put the Toyota RAV4 in our car configurator to see the deals carwow could help you get. To understand the difference between different types of paint finish, check out our car paint types guide.

Solid paint finishes

Pure White – £0

Pure White is the only no-cost finish for the RAV4. It’s a clean, crisp finish which means that the slightest bit of spray kicked up on a damp road will make it look very grubby in no time at all – budget for plenty of car washes. White cars sell easily on the used market so you shouldn’t encounter problems on this front.

Metallic paint finishes

Tyrol Silver – £495

This mid-range silver is available throughout much of the current Toyota range. Silver cars are a fairly common sight on our roads because used buyers readily snap them up. Silver is almost as bad as white for showing up road grime so plenty of washing will be needed to keep it looking good.

Eclipse Black – £495

Plenty of used buyers desire black cars so, from a resale point of view, you’ll encounter few hold-ups if you choose Eclipse Black. It’ll need fairly regular attention from a hose to keep it looking good, though, because black cars don’t hide dirt well. Equally, be sure to avoid cheap car washes which can leave swirl marks behind.

Decuma Grey – £495

Dark, metallic grey paint is a desirable option and its subtlety is likely to tempt many used buyers. Decuma Grey is also one of the best choices for hiding road dirt so won’t require washing as frequently as other finishes.

Barcelona Red – £495

This deep metallic red is one of the few more colourful options for the RAV4. It might stand out on a forecourt but used buyers might not be as keen so it could take a little longer to sell on than a darker shade.

Light Cappuccino – £495

The RAV4 has two browns to choose from – Light Cappuccino is the lighter of the two, and few finishes are better at disguising a buildup of dirt. It remains to be seen how desirable brown cars will be in the long run but, for now, we don’t expect many used market hold ups.

Mahogany – £495

Mahogany’s dark brown finish looks deep and lustrous on the RAV4 and should be very low maintenance when it comes to cleaning. Like Light Cappuccino, resale ease should be high as long as the colour remains popular.

Blue Crush – £495

This bold, cheerful shade of blue helps the RAV4 to really stand out among its rivals, making it a better choice for extroverts. Being a lighter finish, it might take a little longer to sell on and will require more cleaning than a darker colour.

Special paint finishes

White Pearl – £795

Some may find it difficult to justify spending £795 for this white paint when there’s another available for free, but park the two side-by-side and its extra sparkle starts to make a little more sense. Just don’t expect to make your money back come resale time. In 2015 we tried a Yaris Hybrid in White Pearl, and the sparkly finish helped to make the car feel more expensive – especially in bright sunlight.

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