Vauxhall Viva sizes and dimensions guide

August 10, 2015 by

The Vauxhall Viva is the company’s answer to the likes of the Volkswagen Up and Citroen C1. The dinky, little city car might be compact on the outside but, like the best of its rivals, it offers a surprising amount of interior space.

Read our dimensions guide to discover if the little Vauxhall will fit into your life. Don’t forget, you can put the Vauxhall Viva in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save.

Exterior dimensions

The Viva forms the entry point into the Vauxhall family, so it shouldn’t come as much of a shock to find it’s pretty small. City cars have to be small by their very nature, but the very best still offer surprising amounts of room inside.

The Viva isn’t quite as compact as the tiny Smart Fortwo, but it’s hard to imagine anyone thinking it’s too big if they’re shopping in this segment.

Exterior dimensions
Length 3,675mm
Width (incl. wing mirrors) 1,876mm
Height 1,485mm
Wheelbase 2,385mm

Interior dimensions

Interior space is the real battleground for city cars. While the Viva’s interior isn’t class-leading for room, it certainly isn’t the worst, either.

Legroom is surprisingly plentiful – certainly enough for one six-footer to sit behind another for a long journey. It’s even possible for three people to sit together on the back bench, but it’s not recommended unless those three are very, very good friends.

Exact dimensions are yet to be released, but it’s fair to say the Viva is a lot more practical than its external dimensions might suggest.

Luggage capacity

Boot space is average for the class but, if you fold the back seats down, the Viva offers more usable cargo space than most of its rivals. There’s also a decent sized glove box and there are also plenty of cubby holes placed throughout.

City cars aren’t really designed for families to go away on holiday in, however, so don’t expect to fit four people and their luggage in.

Luggage capacity
Seats up 206 litres
Seats down 1,013 litres

Turning circle and fuel tank capacity

Its 10m turning circle and light weight makes the Viva drive great when nipping in and out of town traffic. While its turning circle isn’t the best in its class, it isn’t the largest either, so it’s certainly good enough for everyday use.

At 32 litres, the Viva’s fuel tank is fairly small compared to the Skoda Citigo or the Toyota Aygo’s 35 litres. This is somewhat irrelevant, however, because its 62.8mpg fuel economy should make refilling trips a rare event.

Turning circle and fuel capacity
Turning circle 10 meters
Fuel tank 32 litres


At 864kg, the Viva weighs slightly more than some rivals. It’s an almost unnoticeable price to pay for the added practicality this five-seater offers, however.

Weight 864kg

What next?

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