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Motability grants explained

May 11, 2023 by

Wondering what Mobility scheme grants exist? Wonder no more

The Motability charity takes the mobility portion of certain disability benefits and uses these to lease a car to the person in receipt of the benefit.

However, some cars on the Motability scheme require an ‘Advanced Payment’ – essentially an upfront fee in addition to the weekly sacrifice of the eligible benefits, so charitable grants are also available to help people get behind the wheel of a new car.

Plus people who use wheelchairs or have complex needs may require additional adaptations to be made to their cars, which can cost serious money. People with disabilities may also have needs away from the physical vehicle itself – perhaps assistance with driving lessons – and grants can come into play here, too.

As such, Motability grants can be split into three broad categories:

New Vehicle Payment, which helps people who chose a car with an Advanced Payment

Motability-scheme-related grants to help people get vehicles or get vehicles adapted; and

Access to Mobility Grants, which provide assistance around travel in a more general sense.

Grant assistance is assessed on a means-tested basis by dedicated grant assessors working for the Motability charity, and if you think you might be eligible for one, you’ll need to apply before you order a car through Motability.

We’ll take these two grant categories in turn, detailing the eight individual grants that come under them as we do.

What charitable grants are available through Motability? New Vehicle Payment

To reflect rising vehicle prices, Motability introduced a New Vehicle Payment initiative. This sees £750 paid towards the cost of a new car over and above the monthly repayments. New Motability-scheme members need to apply for a Motability car before the end of 2023 to get the New Vehicle Payment, which will be paid either to you, or straight to the dealer, when you receive the car. People who have been on the scheme since 1 January 2022 will be eligible when they get their next vehicle.

What charitable grants are available through Motability? Scheme-related grants

There are four main scheme-related grants available through Motability.

1. Cars and Vehicle Adaptations Grant Programme

Advanced payments for Motability cars can range from as little as a few hundred pounds to a few thousand, and grants are available to help people with advanced payments.

If your needs change while you are in the middle of a lease – perhaps your mobility lessens and you need additional adaptations made to your car – then grants are also in place to help with the cost of these.

2. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) Grant Programme

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles can require substantial modifications to them, with access ramps and lowered floors common adaptations.

Some WAV advanced payments can be several thousand pounds, so grants are also in place to help people get into a WAV.

3. Complex Driving Solutions Grant Programme

Some wheelchair users may need sophisticated mechanisms to help them transfer from their wheelchair to the driver’s seat, while advanced payments for Drive from Wheelchair WAVs can run to £40,000 or more. The Complex Driving Solutions Grant Programme exists to assist with costs surrounding these arrangements.

This grant is also in place if you are mid-lease (WAV leases run for five years) and need adjustments made to your WAV and these cost £10,000 or more.

4. Bespoke Passenger Solutions Programme

Different disabilities can bring with them different needs, and Motability users or their carers can receive grant assistance through the BPSP to help with, for example:

  • Ceiling hoists
  • Storage for equipment or medication
  • Sound dampening
  • Interior or exterior lighting
  • Stretchers
  • Sensory equipment

Access to Mobility Grants

Motability’s mission is that no disabled person should be disadvantaged due to poor access to transportation, so a number of grants – not directly related to the cars the charity leases – exist to help avoid that.

1. Driving Lesson Grant

Motability grants will fund up to 40 hours worth of driving lessons to help a person with a disability get their driving licence. The charity can also provide assistance for people to get used to cars with adaptations.

2. Additional Transitional Support (ATS) Grant

If, following a disability benefit reassessment, your benefits change and you become no longer eligible for the Motability scheme, the charity can help you with the cost of a replacement vehicle, or adaptations for one.

3. Access to Work Scheme

This grant helps people with disabilities who have jobs, or about to start a job, with provisions that will assist them with their employment.

4. Transitional Support Grant

This helps people who have been turned down from their application for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit following an assessment.

How do I apply for a Motability grant?

Anyone wishing to apply for a Motability grant should contact the charity by phone on 0800 500 3186, or by emailing and a case manager will help you begin your application.