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Best WAVs on Motability of 2023

Motability is a charity that helps people with disabilities get a car in exchange for the mobility portion of certain disability benefits. As well as conventional cars, Motability offers wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs), which allow wheelchair users to travel as a passenger, or drive the vehicle themselves. People who want to do the latter can either get a drive from wheelchair (DfW) WAV, or one where you'll need to transfer from your chair into the driver's seat (IT, or internal transfer WAVs).

All manner of adaptations from specialist firms are available for WAVs via Motability, including ramps and lifts, while you can choose from new and nearly-new WAVs; the former are on five-year leases, and the latter on three-year contracts, and can help save you money - an important factor when Advanced Payments for DfW WAVs is typically over £20,000 (though assistance can be available for these).

We've selected a range of great WAVs on Motability for you below to help with your decision-making process.

Dacia Jogger
Smart Spender Award

1. Dacia Jogger

Dacia Jogger review
Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

2. Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect review
Toyota Proace Verso

3. Toyota Proace Verso

Toyota Proace Verso review
Battery range up to 143 miles

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Citroen Berlingo

4. Citroen Berlingo

Citroen Berlingo review
Peugeot Rifter

5. Peugeot Rifter

Peugeot Rifter review
Mercedes-Benz V-Class

6. Mercedes V-Class

Mercedes-Benz V-Class review
Vauxhall Combo Life

7. Vauxhall Combo Life

Vauxhall Combo Life review
Volkswagen Caddy

8. Volkswagen Caddy

Volkswagen Caddy review

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Advice about Motability WAVs

WAVs on Motability FAQs

A total of 10 car makers provide around 23 vehicles that are available as WAVs through Motability, with around 15 conversion companies making the adaptations necessary for wheelchair users.

Different wheelchair users have different needs and preferences, and the various conversion companies available through Motability can help you tailor a vehicle so that it meets these. The only Motability WAV you should therefore avoid is one that isn't right for you in terms of adaptations; a consultation with Motability and the conversion company, plus a vehicle demonstration, will help you get the right vehicle for you. Some WAVs are pretty large vehicles, though, particularly DfW and IT models, so you may need to be comfortable with this if you want to drive yourself.

Simply head over to the Motability website, create an account and begin the process.

The Motability scheme doesn't work using deposits as such; rather, if a vehicle costs more than the mobility element of your disability benefit provides, an Advanced Payment can be required. Support is available for Advanced Payments, which can be important if you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle, as Advanced Payments for WAVs start at around £4,000, and top out at over £60,000.

New WAVs come from Motability with a five-year lease deal, while nearly-new WAVs are available with a three-year contract.