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Best Motability cars with no deposit of 2022

Buying a car on the Motability Scheme for qualifying customers can yield significant savings over the ownership period. Finding one without having to pay a deposit can further reduce your upfront costs, although your monthly payments may be slightly higher. To make sure you get the best deal, our carwow team has selected the models which are currently available with the best no deposit offers.

hyundai i10

1. Hyundai i10

carwow price from
£158* / month (£12,547)
nissan Juke

2. Nissan Juke

carwow price from
£191* / month (£18,507)
hyundai Kona Electric

3. Hyundai Kona Electric

Battery range up to 301 miles
carwow price from
£286* / month (£28,151)
vauxhall Corsa-e

4. Vauxhall Corsa-e

Battery range up to 222 miles
carwow price from
£316* / month (£25,387)
renault Zoe

5. Renault Zoe

Battery range up to 245 miles
carwow price from
£291* / month (£27,545)
toyota Yaris Hybrid

6. Toyota Yaris Hybrid

carwow price from
£212* / month (£19,265)

7. DS 3 Crossback

carwow price from
£215* / month (£22,063)
kia Picanto

8. Kia Picanto

carwow price from
£180* / month (£11,077)
hyundai i20

9. Hyundai i20

carwow price from
£183* / month (£17,850)
hyundai Bayon

10. Hyundai Bayon

carwow price from
£196* / month (£19,100)

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Advice about nil advance payment Motability cars

Motability cars nil deposit FAQs

If the car’s value that you specify on the Motability Scheme exceeds your allowance over the agreed period, then an advance payment is necessary to make up the shortfall. This usually occurs if you opt for an expensive vehicle or a very highly specced one. 

If you are careful with your choice, you may even find a suitable vehicle which falls beneath your allowance. In this case there won’t be an advance payment and you will receive the balance of your allowance to spend however you like.

Motability payments usually start when you collect your vehicle from the dealership. A deduction is made every four weeks from your Motability allowance while you have the vehicle.

The payments are deducted from your Motability allowance every four weeks, this is then paid to the benefit payment agency. If you need to make an advance payment, this will need to be settled with the Motability Scheme dealer. This payment can be made either before or on the day that you collect your car.

While carwow doesn’t currently offer Motability as an option just yet, you can still configure the vehicle you desire on our site and then contact the relevant dealer anonymously to enquire about Motability availability.

To avoid having to make an advance payment, make sure that you spec your vehicle at or below the Motability allowance limit you qualify for.