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Motability Good Condition Bonus explained

May 11, 2023 by

Wondering what the Motability scheme Good Condition Payment is? Wonder no more

The Motability scheme allows people in receipt of certain disability benefits to exchange a portion of their benefits for a new car, on a three-year lease for conventional cars, and a five-year one for wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Because Motability vehicles will be sold on the second-hand market at the end of your lease, and because cars in good condition are worth more than cars that haven’t been looked after, the Motability charity offers a Good Condition Payment (GCP), renamed from the Good Condition Bonus in October 2022, if your car is in decent nick at the end of your contract.

How does the Motability Good Condition Payment work?

Over the course of your lease, a small amount of your monthly payments will be set aside by Motability and reserved for the Good Condition Payment.

If, at the end of your lease you have kept the car in good condition, you’ll receive the Good Condition Payment.

Am I eligible for the Motability Good Condition Bonus?

Motability is pragmatic about the life vehicles lead, and acknowledges that things like alloy wheel scuff and minor scratches can be part and parcel of driving.

The dealer who takes your car back at the end of the lease will take photographs of it and write a description, with the charity saying that you should receive your GCB as long as your vehicle “shows no sign of serious damage”.

How much money will I receive?

If your lease began prior to 1 October 2022, the GCB stands at £600 for cars, and £900 for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs).

For people who got their Motability car after 1 October 2022, the GCB is £250 for cars and £350 for WAVs.

How will I receive the money?

Motability will pay the GCB into your bank account via electronic transfer, and the payment should be with you within five days of it being made.