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How to haggle for your new car

We started carwow to take the hassle out of buying your new vehicle – and we think having to haggle to get a good deal is part of this inconvenience.

Our car configurator and regularly updated deals mean you’ll avoid the haggling while still receiving the very best deals from only the top dealers across the country. This means that there’s absolutely no need to haggle – just click the green button on our homepage to start receiving offers from dealers. The money you’ll save without the need to negotiate may surprise you.

If however, you’d like to try and save money directly from the dealer – or, if you just want a reminder of what a faff haggling can be – read on.

How to haggle with salespeople

Haggling is a challenging and strenuous task, but here’s three top tips to remember before you take on the salespeople…

1. Be prepared

To get the best price, you’ll need to know exactly what you’re looking for. Firstly, make sure you know exactly what model of car you want. It’s also imperative that you have an idea of which engine and trim level is for you. Knowing these things and how much they should cost you beforehand will make life easier when it comes to negotiations.

2. Don’t get side-tracked

When it comes to haggling, you’ll find salespeople will bamboozle you with other money-saving benefits as an alternative. These could range from free servicing to a better interest rate on your finance package. While these may seem enticing, remember that you won’t be saving any money on the actual car. Do your sums and see if any incentives are worthwhile in the long run.

3. Don’t rush

You’ll perhaps find that dealers have a particularly special offer that’s only available for a limited time. While it might seem like a good deal, remember to question everything twice. Don’t be charmed by pushy salespeople – take all the time you need to compare the price with other dealers and, of course, how it compares to our car configurator’s offers.

Skip the haggle – use carwow

While it’s sensible to see if you can save money directly from your local dealers, we still think that using carwow is the best way to save money – we only use the UK’s top dealers, and they’ll make sure you get a great price on your new car and give you the best service. There are plenty of other reasons to use carwow too.

To start, just spec up a car with our easy-to-use configurator. If you haven’t decided which car is right for you, use our car chooser to narrow the choice down.

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