Kia Soul interior

The Soul’s semi-SUV body style gives the driver a great of their surroundings, although over-the-shoulder visibility is restricted by the car’s thick rear pillars.


There are a lot of buttons, but the cabin is well laid out

The 2016 facelift brought the Kia’s inners up to speed with rivals – it now has just as much polished black plastic and metal highlights as they do, and the build-quality has taken an evolutionary step for the better, too. There are plenty of buttons to press and knobs to turn, but everything is positioned logically and, depending on trim level, it’s arranged around a crisp touchscreen infotainment system.

It feels like a mini SUV to drive and you get a good view out, unless you're glancing out the back

Mat Watson
carwow expert


There are a lot of buttons, but the cabin is well laid out

Connect Plus models (and up) have an eight-inch touchscreen that’s compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The large display raises eyebrows with its snappy operation, clear graphics and customisable home screen. The level of technology is impressive in the class and as an added bonus a reversing camera is thrown in, too.

Kia Soul
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