Range Rover Evoque Convertible interior

The stylish exterior of the Evoque Convertible continues on the inside.


Few people thought the Evoque could successfully capture the premium feel of its larger (and far more expensive siblings) on the inside. But that’s exactly what it did and, more than five years on, it still feels special inside thanks to lots of soft-touch plastics and expensive metal trims.

The new InControl Touch Pro is a joy to use and blends beautifully into the dash

Mat Watson
Mat Watson
Carwow expert


Range Rover Evoque Convertible infotainment and interior video review

The infotainment system had come in for criticism, but the Convertible is all-new sporting a 10.2-inch screen and slicker graphics. It’s more reactive than the old unit, too – and a lot easier to use if still not quite as user-friendly as systems with a rotary controller.