New Lexus GS F Review

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  • Luxurious interior
  • Eye-catching exterior
  • Cheaper than rivals
  • High running costs
  • BMW M5 is faster
  • Audi RS6 has four-wheel drive
CO2 emissions
260 g/km
First year road tax
Safety rating

The Lexus GS F is a super-saloon with huge performance cloaked in a practical body. It’s similar in size and ethos to the Mercedes-AMG E63, BMW M5 and Audi RS6.

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Its 5.0-litre V8 doesn’t have turbochargers or much low-down torque, but it compensates with spectacular throttle response and an addictive soundtrack. It packs 471hp which sounds a lot, but most of the rivals have over 550hp.

While most rivals focus most on delivering a sporty but sometimes uncomfortable ride, the Lexus tries to be cosseting while remaining agile.

Inside, the GS F is more bothered about providing you with luxury than convincing you that you’re in a racecar. Reviewers say it’s the best cabin yet to grace a Lexus.

The options list of any ot the GS F’s rivals can easily add thousands of pounds to their price, but in the Lexus almost everything comes as standard – probably the closest you can get to good value for money in a £70,000 saloon.

The GS F may lag behind rivals for pace but its charm is sure to win you over

Mat Watson
carwow expert

While it may not beat it’s main rivals in any particular area, the Lexus GS F has plenty going for it – amazing interior, responsive engine and plenty of equipment at a good price. Even Lexus admits the GS F is no match for the German heavyweights and instead offers the super-saloon as an alternative experience if not exactly a better one.

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