Mercedes EQG electric G-Class spotted: everything we know so far

March 15, 2023 by

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The new Mercedes EQG has been spotted testing, and this new all-electric G-Class may go on sale in 2024. Read on for all you need to know. 

  • New Mercedes EQG spotted
  • All-electric version of the G-Class
  • Concept uses four electric motors
  • Range of over 400 miles possible
  • 200kW rapid charging expected
  • On sale in 2024

The Mercedes EQG concept was revealed a couple of years ago now, and the hardcore EV has been spotted testing for the first time.

It’s expected to get quad motors, one on each wheel, to make it one of the most capable electric off-roaders around. The EQG is expected to debut at the end of 2024.

Electric Mercedes EQG design

When the Mercedes EQG concept debuted in 2021, the styling wasn’t a million miles away from the current G-Class, and this prototype reveals a few changes over the standard car.

You’ll be hard-pushed to spot the difference between this EQG prototype and the current G-Class. It’s still unapologetically boxy with an upright windscreen and round headlights. With there being no internal combustion engine under the bonnet, the grille can be blanked off for better aerodynamics. This car does have a few of slots in the front though.

The EQG concept has a clever light-up grille with some funky patterns on it, and this could still make it to the production car. The lower bumper does look as though it’s made it to the prototype, with the large air intakes and square pattern clearly visible.

Down the side, it’s once again G-Class business as usual. You have the same flared square wheel arches, and it’s a pretty slab-sided thing. The wheels fitted to this car look as though they’r production prototypes as well. The design is vastly different to the five-spoke alloys fitted to the concept, but they’re likely designed to cut through the air as cleanly as possible.

The rear of the EQG concept had a big square box mounted to the tailgate in place of the spare wheel for storing your charging cables. The production version looks as though it’s gone back to the rear-mounted spare tire, which is probably a more sensible option. With no engine under the bonnet, Mercedes may have engineered some storage space under there.

Electric Mercedes EQG Concept interior

The new electric G-Class will modernise the current car’s cabin, shown here

The Mercedes EQG concept uses a similar cabin to the standard car. This would suggest that the finished car might not come with a vast widescreen ‘Hyperscreen’ infotainment system like in the EQS and EQE, or that Mercedes isn’t ready to share how it plans to fit a colossal 56-inch display into the G-Class just yet…

Mercedes EQG Concept batteries, range and performance

The Mercedes EQG will be available with four electric motors, one for each wheel, which should give it phenomenal off-road ability.

Watch this EV range-test video

This new SUV may also be capable of ‘turning on the spot’, suggesting new drive modes could allow the left- and right-hand wheels to turn in opposite directions, letting the car slew in a circle like a bulldozer.

It’s likely the new electric off-roader will come with similar 200kW charging technology as the Mercedes EQS, allowing you to boost its range by around 190 miles in as little as 15 minutes.

When will the Mercedes EQG go on sale?

The new Mercedes EQG may be revealed at the end of this year, with sales set to begin early in 2024.

If you’re weighing up buying one, you’ll likely need more than £100,000 to park one on your drive.

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