Ford teases insane new 2016 Focus RS hot-hatch

Mike Vousden
January 21, 2015

There’s been massive speculation about whether the new Focus RS would be made – Ford’s latest video puts an end to that – and it looks mean

Ford has released a teaser trailer of its new Focus RS being performance tested. The video shows the car being hurled around with scant regard for its tyres. In fact, if you watch the video, you’d be forgiven for thinking Ford had forgotten to make the new Focus RS work when it’s actually going straight!

Here’s the awesome video in full:

What we know

Firstly, via Jalopnik, we know the driver behind the wheel is none other than the Grandmaster Hoonigan himself – Ken Block of gymkhana fame – because be uploaded a photo of himself at the testing facility on his instagram feed.

There’s no identifiable engine noise on the video but by far the most likely candidate is the 2.3-litre EcoBoost turbo petrol four-cylinder that’s being shoehorned into the new Mustang. We expect it to produce a little more than the Mustang’s 305hp – around 350hp would keep it competitive with rivals.

An industry insider confirmed to carwow that the new Focus RS would get four-wheel drive after months of speculation. The previous Focus RS made do with a mechanical limited-slip differential and Ford’s advanced front suspension system to counteract the problems associated with very powerful front-wheel-drive cars.

The previous Focus RS has developed a cult following

It’s thought the increase in power, advancements in four-wheel drive technology and pressure from four-wheel drive rivals like Mercedes A45 AMG and the upcoming Audi RS3 have brought about the change. Unquestionably it’ll give the Focus RS the much needed all-weather ability picky buyers demand. The decision harks back to legendary fast four-wheel-drive Fords such as the Escort RS Cosworth and Sierra Cosworth.

Other parts of the car will be uprated to handle the extreme power and to emphasise the cars sporting intent. We expect it to have a more extreme aerodynamic package than the lesser Focus ST and, considering the brand’s work in the field, could come with some weight-saving carbon fibre components or body parts.

Some buyers will be disappointed that it’s only available in five-door form – a decision taken at the start of the third-generation Focus’ lifecycle. Though, with prices of the Ford Mustang coming in under expectations, fans of three-door fast Fords might want to look at the pony car instead.

The new Mustang and Focus RS could share an engine

Apart from that, all other information is speculation. You won’t have to wait long, however, to find out the final specs because Ford has confirmed it’ll reveal the car properly on 3 February and we’ll have our full preview ready for then.

Fixating on fast Fords?

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