Ford Focus RS interior

If we were in an uber-harsh mood, we could say the Focus RS’ reasonable price is reflected by the reasonably unexciting interior.


There's plenty of stowage in the cabin

There’s really very little to distinguish it from the likes of a standard Focus ST other than a pair of RS-embossed sports seats.

The bank of additional gauges plumped on top of the dashboard look sporty, but is shared with the ST. While robust enough and easy to use, the RS’s interior lacks the quality construction and simple layout of a Golf R.

It feels a bit cheap and nasty in places – those horrible stuck-on gauges don’t help

Mat Watson
carwow expert


There's plenty of stowage in the cabin

The Focus comes equipped with an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system but it is found wanting. The main problem is that the Ford SYNC2 software feels slow to respond, and the recessed screen and small on-screen buttons make it fiddly. It’s just a little irritating to use.

Ford Focus RS
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