World EV Day 2021: celebrate with carwow

September 09, 2021 by

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World EV Day is here! Find out more on this celebration of electric vehicles and take a look at great EV offers from carwow’s trusted dealers

You hear a lot about the future of motoring being electric, but you don’t have to wait to bag yourself a great new electric car.

Manufacturers are constantly introducing new electric vehicles that push the capabilities of range, performance and cutting-edge tech further and further.

As a result, there are plenty of great electric cars you can buy right now — and carwow is celebrating those today on World EV Day 2021.

What is World EV Day?

World EV Day is pretty simple — it’s here to celebrate electric vehicles available now and in the future.

Be it a humble last-mile delivery trike or a luxury electric car, it embraces the wide range of eco-friendly battery-powered vehicles across the globe.

Great electric car offers to celebrate World EV Day

Perhaps the best way to celebrate World EV Day would be to grab yourself the keys to a brand new electric car. Right now on carwow, there’s a range of great offers on a number of models from our trusted dealers below.

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