New Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition: souped-up SL 63 revealed

July 11, 2023 by

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Brabus has got its hands on the Mercedes-AMG SL63 and given it more power, as well as more aggressive styling and new interior trim. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition revealed
  • Based on the Mercedes-AMG SL 63
  • More aggressive styling than that car
  • More powerful as well
  • Just 25 to be made
  • Costs £287,000

This is the new Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition. Named after the tuning company’s founder, it’s based on the Mercedes-AMG SL 63.

You get more power, a host of styling upgrades and a more luxurious interior. Just 25 of these cars will be built, costing £287,000.

New Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition design

You don’t need to look too hard to realise that this isn’t your average Mercedes-AMG SL63. In true Brabus fashion, there’s plenty of new carbon fibre detailing.

Up front, you have a completely new lower bumper with a more aggressive spoiler finished in exposed carbon. This not only aids cooling, it also reduces front-end lift at speed. You also have a new, Brabus-exclusive grille.

The highlight down the side is the three-spoke alloy wheels. They have a cool, retro-style look to them, measuring 21 inches at the front and 22 inches at the rear. There’s also yet more carbon fibre on the front wings.

The rear end is sporting a new lower diffuser, finished in exposed carbon of course, and quad tailpipes for the sports exhaust. All the carbon on this car can either be glossy or matte.

New Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition engine

Brabus doesn’t just make cars look cool, it’s also known for making them much more powerful. The 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition uses the same 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 as the Mercedes-AMG SL 63, but it gets a few performance upgrades.

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The standard SL63 has 585hp and does 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds. The Brabus gets some new turbos, an extensive tune and a performance exhaust, resulting in 750hp (hence the name) and 900Nm of torque. That brings the 0-60mph time down to 3.3 seconds.

New Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition interior

The final step in the Brabus treatment is a more upmarket interior, and the 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition is no exception.

You get quilted leather on the seats and door cards, as well as upgraded leather on the steering wheel and airbag cover. There’s also carbon fibre trim on the dashboard, and bespoke aluminium pedals.

New Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition price and release date

The new Brabus 750 Bodo Buschmann Edition is available to order now, but you’ll need to be quick if you want to add one to your collection. Just 25 of these cars will be made.

You’ll also need to have a healthy bank balance, because this limited-edition Brabus costs £287,000.

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