New HiPhi A: crazy hypercar from China gets 1,305hp

November 15, 2023 by

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Chinese brand HiPhi has revealed a new hypercar, and it looks even more bonkers than the HiPhi Z which carwow drove earlier this year. Read on for everything you need to know.

  • New HiPhi A revealed
  • All-electric hypercar from China
  • Crazy exterior styling
  • 1,305hp from three motors
  • 0-60mph in just over 2.0 seconds
  • On sale in 2025

This is the HiPhi A, an all-electric hypercar from China which touts some pretty impressive stats.

It looks a lot like a souped-up version of the HiPhi Z, and it has a whopping 1,305hp, meaning it’s aimed squarely at the Tesla Model S Plaid.

New HiPhi A design

Those who tuned in to carwow’s video review of the HiPhi Z may recognise the HiPhi A, because it’s basically a pumped-up version of that car. If you haven’t seen the HiPhi Z review, you can check it out below.

This means it has the same absolutely crazy shape, it almost looks like they designed it, before attacking it with an axe. The bonnet is covered in gaping vents and bold creases, and the A has a much more aggressive front bumper than the Z.

The A has a swoopy fastback shape, and there are yet more fins and vents running the entire length of the car. Just like the HiPhi Z, this car also has a LCD panel running down the side which you can use to display messages. Perfect for communicating with fellow HiPhi owners on the move, or expressing your displeasure with a fellow motorist…

One feature which hasn’t been carried over from the HiPhi Z is the LED tail lights which can show graphics. That panel has been replaced with some huge vents, with the tail lights moving to a thin LED strip. You can’t miss that huge wing either.

New HiPhi A motors and performance

This new HiPhi A could have the Tesla Model S Plaid quaking in its tyres, because it’s packing some insane power. Just like the Plaid, it has a tri-motor layout with one motor on the front and two at the back, and combined they put out 1,305hp.

That’s 285hp more than the Model S, but despite this it’s still slightly slower from 0-60mph on paper. HiPhi quotes a 0-60mph time of just over 2.0 seconds, whereas Tesla says the Model S will do it in 1.99 seconds.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Tesla measures 0-60mph using something called a one-foot rollout. This essentially means that it doesn’t start measuring the time until the car has moved one foot off the line, so there might not be that much between these two cars in reality.

When will the new HiPhi A go on sale?

First deliveries of the new HiPhi A are slated for the beginning of 2025, however you’ll have to get in quickly if you want one of these electric hypercars because they’ll be sold in limited numbers.

As for price, there’s no word on how much the A will cost yet. With this level of performance and technology though, you can expect it to break into six figures.

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