CES technology show 2024: everything you need to know

January 09, 2024 by

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CES 2024 is under way, and all the world’s tech developers are showcasing their latest releases. This goes for car makers as well, here’s all the latest developments.

  • Raft of new AI tech unveiled at CES
  • Volkswagen to integrate ChatGPT
  • BMW introducing generative AI
  • Also showcasing augmented reality glasses
  • Kia launches new range of modular electric vehicles
  • Switchable bodies to change functionality

The annual CES technology show has begun in Las Vegas, and a few car makers have taken this opportunity to showcase some new technologies they’ll be offering over the next few years.

A lot of these developments revolve around AI, with Volkswagen incorporating ChatGPT into its infotainment systems and BMW introducing generative AI in the near future.

Volkswagen to introduce ChatGPT into its cars

Volkswagen will be introducing an AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT into its cars this year, with the system being offered in the ID3, ID4, ID5, ID7, new Passat, new Tiguan and the facelifted Golf.

In addition to being able to perform tasks like adjusting the air conditioning and setting the sat nav, you’ll be able to ask the system general knowledge questions and it will answer in a more natural tone of voice.

Being AI based, the system is also always learning and expanding its capabilities. Those concerned about privacy will also be pleased to hear that the system doesn’t have access to your vehicle’s settings, and any questions and answers are immediately deleted.

BMW launches next-generation operating system with AI and augmented reality

Sticking with revolutionary new infotainment tech, BMW has unveiled its latest iDrive operating system at CES.

Dubbed BMW Operating System 9 (catchy title), this new infotainment software gives you access to a range of new third-party apps for things like music, videos and games for you and your passengers to enjoy while waiting to charge. You’ll even be able to use proper gaming controllers in the future.

In addition to this, BMW is also showcasing a new augmented reality driver interface using AR glasses to integrate things like navigation directions into the real world. The brand is demonstrating this new technology on a drive through Las Vegas, showing the world how it can be used to highlight hazards, assist with tight parking situations and display your entertainment settings.

Much like Volkswagen, BMW is also jumping on the AI bandwagon to help make its infotainment systems more intelligent and intuitive. Generative AI will be able to quick and clear instructions in a much more conversational tone, as well as offer a wider range of functions.

Kia launches new modular commercial vehicle platform

Kia has launched a range of new concept cars based on new underpinnings called “Platform Beyond Vehicle” (PBV). Starting with the new PV5 from 2025, these boxy-looking EVs will offer businesses a flexible vehicle which can be adapted to perform a range of tasks.

The new PV5 concept can be used as a taxi or as a delivery vehicle, and it uses external data to monitor your delivery route and make sure everything is running as efficiently as possible, making fleet management a lot easier.

Further down the line there will be a full range of PBV models, with AI technology helping make sure the car is kept up to date and it’s as easy to use as possible. Looking ahead even further, Kia PBVs will be completely customisable. You’ll be able to change everything behind the driver’s cab quickly and easily, turning your car from a delivery van by day into a taxi at night.

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