BT Group to repurpose green street cabinets as EV chargers

January 10, 2024 by

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BT Group has launched a pilot programme to turn end-of-life green street cabinets into electric car charging points, a scheme which has the potential to add up to 60,000 chargers nationwide. Read on for all you need to know.

Green broadband cabinets are set to be converted into EV charging points in a pilot scheme by BT Group, with the first one being installed in Scotland in the coming weeks. It’s said that up to 60,000 of these green cabinets could be converted in this way, helping to tackle the national shortage of electric car charging points.

The familiar green boxes are traditionally used to house cabling for phone lines and broadband, however BT Group claim that they can be converted using a small device to supply renewable energy to an on-street charging point, without the need to create a new power connection. This technology can be deployed in cabinets which are in use, or in ones due for retirement.

The cabinets are slowly becoming obsolete as fibre optic broadband is rolled out across the country, and when the box does reach the end of its life the old broadband equipment can be recycled and more charging points fitted.

Tom Guy, Managing Director at BT Group said: “Our new charging solution is a huge step in bringing EV charging kerbside and exploring how we can address key barriers customers are currently facing. Working closely with local councils in Scotland and more widely across the UK, we are at a critical stage of our journey in tackling a very real customer problem that sits at the heart of our wider purpose to connect for good.”

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