Rivian R2 unveiled: posh electric SUV to be sold in Europe

March 08, 2024 by

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American EV manufacturer Rivian has revealed three new electric cars, including the R2 – a mid-sized electric SUV that’s set for European sales from 2026. Keep reading to find out more.

  • More than 300 miles of range
  • Smaller than existing Rivian R1T and R1S
  • Adventurous design with off-road capability
  • Single, dual and tri-motor setups available
  • Will go head-to-head with Tesla Model Y

American EV start-up Rivian has announced a trio of new models, which will join its existing R1T pickup and R1S SUV. The most relevant to you if you live in the UK is the R2, a mid-sized electric SUV similar in dimensions to the Tesla Model Y – and that’s set to be sold in Europe from 2026.

It was announced alongside the Rivian R3 and R3S, which you can read about here.

Rivian R2 batteries and motors

Priced from a punchy $45,000 in the US, the R2 is underpinned by a new electric platform which can offer three different motor variants. There’ll be a rear-wheel drive single motor option, an all-wheel drive version with two motors and a tri-motor configuration that delivers a 0-60mph time of less than three seconds. A Tesla Model Y Performance does it in 3.5.

Rivian also claims a range of more than 300 miles on a charge, thanks to a very energy-dense battery pack. No specific figures have been given, though the larger R1S can officially manage up to 400 miles a charge so producing a long-range EV clearly isn’t an issue for the fledgling manufacturer.

Charging from 10-80% in less than 30 minutes is promised, and is on par with what most other manufacturers target for DC fast charging.

Rivian R2 design

Rivian sees itself as a brand for the outdoorsy and adventurous, and so the R2 has plenty of features that should appeal if you’re more inclined to a tent than to a resort hotel. The R2 has 250mm of ground clearance, large wheels, sturdy plastic cladding around the wheel arches and the underside plus short front and rear overhangs to improve its approach and departure angles.

Rivian’s promo images show the R2 with a roof tent on the top and a storage box on the back, and other options include a ‘travel kitchen’ as well as bike storage solutions.

The front gets the same LED light bar and vertically-stacked headlights as the R1 models, giving the R2 a cutesy, emoji-style face. The detailing is otherwise very simple, with slab sides featuring pop-out door handles, chunky alloy wheel designs, and a similar LED light bar at the rear with only the word ‘Rivian’ adorning the tailgate.

Rivian R2 interior

Inside, you might not be surprised to see that, as befits a new electric SUV in 2024 the R2 has very few physical buttons. Instead, the dashboard has a huge touchscreen and a smaller display for driver information. New for the R2 as a pair of control dials on the steering wheel, which can move in three dimensions for additional functionality.

The interior is otherwise very rugged, made from materials chosen for their sustainability and ease of cleaning. Both the front and rear rows of seats can fold completely flat, making loading larger items or even sleeping inside the vehicle a possibility, and like the Fisker Ocean (another American EV SUV) the rear tailgate glass can wind down in addition to all four windows.

There’s also a fold-out platform in the boot for you to perch on – a bit like a Range Rover – and a spacious frunk.

When can I buy a Rivian R2?

Not for a while. European sales will commence from 2026, but it’s likely to be 2027 before Rivian starts producing right-hand drive models for the UK market.

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