New Porsche Boxster EV spotted testing: two-seater sports car goes electric

February 29, 2024 by

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The Porsche Boxster is going electric next year, and early development prototypes of this much-loved convertible sports car have been spotted testing by Carwow’s spy photographers. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Porsche Boxster EV spotted testing
  • Ever-popular sports car going electric
  • Shares design cues with the Taycan
  • Could share parts with the Mission R concept
  • On sale next year

The Porsche Boxster is getting replaced next year, and this BMW Z4 alternative is going all-electric. An EV sports car might sound like a recipe for disaster thanks to the inherent weight of battery packs, but Porsche could introduce some clever technology to work around that.

New Porsche Boxster EV design

The new Porsche Boxster EV may be some way off yet, but Carwow’s spy photographers have braved the cold weather to snap these pictures of the car during arctic testing. This is your best look yet at the design, and it looks as though it’ll share plenty of details with the Porsche Taycan.

The main place you’ll see that is up front, where those square headlights look almost identical to the Taycan’s, and it has aggressive-looking haunches like that car as well. The lower grille has some gaping vents as well.

It has a pretty similar side profile to the current Boxster, meaning it’s very low-slung with some flared wheel arches. The Taycan theme continues at the rear end though, where you’ll find a light bar across the back in a similar style to that car’s.

New Porsche Boxster EV motors and performance

Details of what’s powering this new Boxster EV are pretty thin on the ground right now, but it could be using parts from the Porsche Mission R Concept.

Don’t get too excited, this won’t be a 1,088hp two-seater sports car. What’s more likely is the use of that car’s front motor, which puts out 435hp. That’s a healthy increase over the 300hp you get in the current entry-level Boxster, and it should be enough to offset any added weight from the batteries.

New Porsche Boxster EV batteries

There’s no escaping the fact that EV batteries are heavy, and weight is the enemy of handling. While the new Porsche Boxster EV may gain a few pounds by going electric, there is something the brand can do to manage the extra mass.

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Rather than having the battery mounted flat in the floor, Porsche could use a “chest” style pack which is taller and sits in the middle of the car. This would make the weight distribution much more similar to today’s mid-engined Boxster, which should help it remain one of the best sports cars to drive on the market.

When can I buy the new Porsche Boxster EV?

You’ll have to wait until next year to get your order in for a new Porsche Boxster EV, and it’s likely to fetch a premium over the outgoing car’s £55,420 figure.

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