Volkswagen software update: new features for ID3, ID4 and ID5

March 21, 2022 by

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Volkswagen has released a software update which brings a raft of new features to the ID3, ID4 and ID5 electric cars. Read on for all you need to know.


  • New software for Volkswagen ID cars revealed
  • Improved driver assistance
  • Faster charging speeds available
  • New infotainment features
  • Available on all new ID electric cars

Volkswagen has launched a new 3.0 software update for the ID3, ID4 and ID5 electric cars, bringing a load of new features to the range.

You can now enjoy more advanced driver assistance systems, better voice commands and faster charging speeds.

Volkswagen software update: Driver assistance

Volkswagen has enhanced the driver assistance systems on its ID models with this update. The system can now adapt to the user’s driving style, and travel to the left or right-hand side of a lane to improve visibility if desired.

This update also allows the car to perform lane changes on the motorway, a bit like the Tesla Model 3. As long as the lane is clear and the driver has their hands on the wheel, the car can change lanes automatically by turning on the indicator.

Parking assistance features have also been optimised so the system can complete an entire parking manoeuvre, including switching between drive and reverse accelerating, and it can get you out of the space as well.

The park assist also has a new memory function. This can remember up to five parking manoeuvres and play them back at the push of a button. This is ideal if you have an awkward parking space at home. Nowyou only have to park the car yourself once and the car can park for you next time.

Volkswagen software update: Charging times

Volkswagen’s ID software 3.0 has improved charging times across the whole range. Cars with the 77kWh battery can now charge at a maximum 135kWh, up from 125kWh currently.

Better temperature control of the battery also makes it more efficient, which can improve the range, especially in cold conditions.

Volkswagen software update: Infotainment

This software update from Volkswagen includes some improvements to the infotainment system. The optional head-up display now contains graphics for the assisted lane change function, as well as more details for the sat-nav, such as the distance to your destination.

The sat-nav also now has improved route planning via chargers to help you get to your destination as quickly as possible. It takes traffic into account, and you can specify how much charge you want left in the battery when you get to your destination.

You also now get improved voice commands. Volkswagen claims the system is faster and more responsive to your voice than before, as well as understanding more colloquial terms such as ‘I’m warm’.

Volkswagen software update: release date

All new Volkswagen ID3, ID4 and ID5 models will come with the new 3.0 software. If you already own one of these cars, it will be available as a free over-the-air update in the spring of 2022.

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