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Best diesel car deals

Despite some negative press coverage, diesel cars are still a great option if you tend to do lots of long journeys.

There’s actually some great news if you’re looking to buy a diesel – manufacturers are currently offering best-ever savings off RRP on seriously desirable diesel cars, meaning that they now cost about the same as their petrol equivalents – undoing the tradition that diesels are usually quite a bit more expensive to buy.

Read on for the best diesel car deals currently available, and check out our guide to the pros and cons of petrol and diesel cars.

VW Tiguan – £3,000 off diesels

The VW Tiguan’s a brilliant family SUV that gives you a nice high driving position coupled with bulletproof VW interior quality. You can save an average of £3,000 off RRP on diesel models – meaning that it’s only a smidgen dearer to get a diesel Tiguan than a petrol. Perfect for those long family roadtrips.

Mercedes GLC – £7,000 off diesels

If the Tiguan’s not quite posh enough for you then check out the Mercedes GLC. A powerful 250d diesel model in top-spec AMG Line trim looks expensive at nearly £42,000, but after generous carwow dealer discounts you’ll actually pay closer to £34,000. How good is that?

SEAT Ateca – £3,200 off diesels

We’ll let you in on a secret – the SEAT Ateca is basically a VW Tiguan in a sharper-looking suit. It’s less expensive than its German brother, however (and the interior isn’t quite as nice as the Tiguan’s), but it also has some great savings on diesel models.

An average saving of £3,200 off RRP means a 2.0-litre diesel with four-wheel drive in SE trim drops from nearly £26,000 to just over £22,000 – a much bigger saving than if you went for a petrol model.

BMW 3 Series Touring – £8,700 off diesels

The BMW 3 Series Touring is one of the best estate cars on sale – it’s fun to drive, has an easy-to-use infotainment system and a big boot. You’ll probably want a diesel version too, especially if you plan on filling the car with stuff and passengers for long trips or towing.

It’s handy then, that you can get an average of £8,700 off the RRP of a 3 Series Touring by using carwow – and some dealers are even offering five-figure discounts.

BMW 5 Series Touring – £8,900 off diesels

The 5 Series Touring is the 3 Series’ bigger brother – it’s a brilliant premium estate car. It’s far newer than the 3 Series, so gets a more modern infotainment system and a few more toys. The 5 Series is bigger on the outside, roomier on the inside and, naturally, more expensive than the 3 Series – but you can still get some cracking deals on diesel versions through carwow – some dealers are offering around £12,500 off RRP on certain models.

Mini 5-door – £2,900 off diesels

If you’re after something smaller, cuter but still reasonably practical then the Mini 5-door should be on your shopping list. Think of it as the normal Mini 3-door, but with more usable rear seats and a bigger boot. It’s available with a very economical 1.5-litre diesel engine, or there’s a bigger 2.0-litre option if you want a bit more punch in your pocket rocket. With around £2,900 off RRP on some models, now’s a great time to get a diesel Mini.

Audi A4 Avant – £6,100 off diesels

The Audi A4 Avant’s a classy estate car with a smart, minimalist and impeccably well-built interior. It has a big boot for carrying plenty of stuff, and the back seats have room for adults. It’s a load-lugger that’s best paired with one of Audi’s 2.0-litre or 3.0-litre petrol engines – choose the former for economy or the latter for smoothness and impressive acceleration.

Whichever you go for, you’ll get good savings from carwow’s Audi dealers – you can save an average of £6,100 off RRP on diesel A4 models, which is a big enough saving to let you really go to town on the options list.

Mercedes E-Class Estate – £8,200 off diesels

There’s a bit of theme developing here – and yep, the Mercedes E-Class Estate is another fantastic German estate car with brilliant savings on diesel versions. It has an even more sumptuous interior than the 5 Series, and its boot space is almost big enough to lose a horse in. The 2.0-litre diesel engine is the one you want if maximum economy is what you want, or go for one of the six-cylinder options if you want more speed or plan on towing something.

You can save an average of £8,200 off RRP on the E-Class estate, with some dealers offering over £10,000 off.

Volkswagen Polo – £1,900 off diesel models

The latest version of the VW Polo is a brilliant small car. It gets as much high-tech kit as its bigger brother, the Golf, roomy rear seats and a boot that’s large enough to shame the bigger Ford Focus. Add into the mix classy looks and a well-built interior and it’s no wonder it’s one of the best cars on sale right now.

And with an average of £1,900 off the RRP of diesel models, it’s a great time to buy a frugal Polo.

Mercedes GLC Coupe – £5,100 off diesel models

You can’t miss the GLC Coupe in a car park – it’s a big, imposing SUV with a swooping roofline that gives it sporty looks, despite its size. Inside it’s typical Mercedes – everything feels luxurious and comfy, and the optional unvarnished wood dashboard trims are a must-have.

As is a diesel engine – SUVs really suit diesels, and the six-cylinder you can get in the GLC 350d is one of the best. Smooth, powerful and pleasingly quiet, it gives the GLC the poke to match its looks. Dealers are offering around £5,100 off the RRP of diesel GLC Coupes – use the green button below to see your personalised deals.

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