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Alfa Romeo Giulietta dimensions – UK exterior and interior sizes


Alfa Romeo’s gorgeous Giulietta is the one car in the family hatchback sector that is bought with the heart rather than the head – but it does little harm to head to your local Italian car dealership forewarned and forearmed.

We’re taking a look at the Giulietta’s vital statistics to see how she measures up – will the perfect 10 suit your needs, or do you need a more sensible purchase?

Exterior dimensions


If you’re an habitual Alfa Romeo buyer and you’re trading up from your 147 – Alfa’s previous entry in this sector – you’ll find the car has grown a bit. At 4,351mm it’s 230mm longer than its predecessor and nearly 70mm wider, but it’s only around 20mm taller. You won’t feel any shorter standing next to the Giulietta instead of the 147, but you might not be able to reach that middle bit of roof when washing it!

Overall it’s almost identical in size to the Ford Focus, a little longer than the VW Golf and a little shorter than the Vauxhall Astra – pretty much class standard length, breadth and height.

Exterior length – 4,351mm
Exterior width (exc. mirrors) – 1,798mm
Exterior height – 1,465mm
Front track – 1,554mm
Rear track – 1,544mm
Wheelbase – 2,634mm

Interior dimensions


The people up front in the Giulietta will find it just as roomy as any other car in the class. There’s a smidge less room for your head than the Golf or Focus but a bit more than the Astra and plenty of space to stretch the legs, but in the back the average adult will have less fun.

There’s three inches less rear headroom than the competition and a whole third less legroom. The Alfa is certainly a car for a family of four, so long as there’s two younger children.

Headroom front – 960mm
Headroom rear – 890mm
Legroom front – 1070mm
Legroom rear – 670mm

Luggage space


The relative lack of rear living space isn’t compensating for good storage space either, we’re afraid. While it beats the Focus’s titchy 316 litre boot, it’s a full 20 litres shy of the Astra and has 30 litres less than the Golf. It gets worse too – the rear seats don’t fold, so 350 litres is all you get.

To haul more stuff, you’ll need a trailer and all Giuliettas are rated to pull a 1,300kg braked trailer should the need arise.

Boot space (seats up) – 350 litres
Boot space (seats down) – n/a
Towing capacity – 1,300kg

Turning circle and fuel tank capacity


Should your navigation system fail you and you require a sharp about turn, the Alfa will swivel between kerbs 10.9m apart, or roughly three lanes’ width. This might seem a little tanker-like but it’s pretty standard fare for the class – you’ll need a refresher on your three point turns if you’ve come from a city car.

The fuel tank is standard across the range, diesel or petrol, at 60 litres. This will give you an approximate range of 700-1100 miles, depending on the engine you choose, and closer to 500 miles should you choose the QV model and can resist the urge to drive everyone like your hair’s on fire.

Turning circle – 10.9m
Fuel tank capacity – 60 litres



The Alfa Romeo sits in the middle of class when it comes to weight. Weighing in at 1,280kg for the lightest 1.4-litre petrol models and up to 1,335kg for the 2.0-litre diesels, the Giulietta weighs no more than its peers.

Half a ton of people and stuff is about the limit in terms of what the car will safely carry – so it’s somewhat fortunate that the boot is on the measly side!

Kerb weight – 1,280-1,335kg
Gross vehicle weight – 1785-1825kg

More information

If you’d like to know more then check out our full Alfa Romeo Giulietta review section, where there are photos, videos, stats and a buying guide.






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