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Alfa Romeo Giulia colours guide

The eye-catching Alfa Romeo Giulia is aimed squarely at the competitive compact executive sector, populated by the likes of the BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4. Alfa Romeo hopes the Giulia’s Italian good looks will put it ahead of its staid German rivals.

Below are the colours Alfa Romeo has released for the Giulia, shown here in BMW M3-rivalling Quadrifoglio spec. Get the full details for this handsome compact executive in our Alfa Romeo Giulia price and specifications preview.

Competizione Red

Rosso Competizione (competition red) is an iconic colour for many an Italian car and is the shade the Giulia was launched in. While those looking to fly under the radar should steer clear, if you want to make your Giulia look as special as possible, this could be the colour for you. You’ll need to clean it fairly regularly to keep it looking the best though.

Alfa Red

Dark red is similar to Rosso Competizione, but deeper and (at least on the configurator image above) has less of a metallic sheen. Nevertheless, its darker hue means it’ll hide dirt longer than the lighter red, meaning fewer trips to the car wash.

Vulcano Black

Nero Vulcano (volcano black) is the most menacing colour offered for the Giulia, and may just win the award for coolest paint name ever. It doesn’t show off the body’s attractive profile as well as lighter colours but, for some buyers, black is the only colour they’ll consider. It’ll sell very easily to the used market provided you don’t cut corners when you come to wash it – cheap car washes can leave swirl marks in black paint finishes.

Vesuvio Grey

A fairly standard gunmetal shade, Dark Grey looks very similar to Ferrari’s Grigio Silverstone finish and, like that colour, it lends the Giulia an air of sophistication. A sensible choice both from a resale point of view and because this hue will cover the worst road grime for some time before a wash is completely necessary.

Montecarlo Blue

Dark Blue is a good colour for those who think the reds are too outlandish and the blacks and greys are too subtle. It doesn’t boldly stand out from the crowd but still makes the most of the curves of the Giulia’s body. Like most dark colours, it’ll hide dirt for a reasonably long time and few used buyers are likely to be put off by this finish.

Trofeo White

Bianco Trofeo (trophy white) is the only white shade currently offered for the Giulia. It’s a crisp shade without the hints of cream or beige that other whites carry. Like any white car, plenty of cleaning will be needed to keep it looking good but you can be sure used buyers will be keen to get their hands on it.

Silvertone Grey

A relatively standard shade of silver but it lets the Giulia’s good looks shine through. Extroverts might want to look towards more interesting shades but silver buyers can be reassured that plenty of people will want this colour come resale time.

What next?

Get the full details in our preview of the Alfa Romeo Giulia and get to know its rivals – the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class. Head over to our deals page to see our latest discounts and check out our car chooser for help picking your next car.

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