Audi A3 hatchback, Sportback, Saloon and Cabriolet colours guide

May 19, 2016 by

The recently facelifted Audi A3 combines a great interior with a refined driving experience and plenty of tech. We list all the paint colours available for this upmarket hatchback to help you pick the perfect shade. In total, there are three solid colours, eight metallic colours and one special pearl-effect finishes across the A3 hatchback, five-door A3 Sportback, A3 Saloon and A3 Cabriolet.

Use our Audi A3 configurator, A3 Sportback configurator, A3 Saloon configurator or A3 Cabriolet configurator to get the best possible price on your next new car. Read our paint types guide for more information on the various finishes available.

Solid colours

Brilliant black – £0

Brilliant black is another straightforward shade that suits the Audi’s upmarket styling. Like white, black is a nuisance for showing dirt but, when clean, it’ll look ensure your A3 looks every inch a premium product.

Ibis white – £0

Ibis white is a simple, clean shade that lacks the reflective ‘pop’ of metallic paints. It’ll be a nightmare to keep clean but white is highly fashionable and should prove popular among second-hand car buyers.

Vegas yellow – £0

Vegas yellow is certainly eye catching, and it’s offered as a no-cost option, but finding a buyer when the time comes to sell may prove tricky. It should do a middling job of hiding dirt between washes but darker colours will almost certainly fare better.

Metallic colours

Beluga brown – £550

Some buyers might turn their noses up at this metallic Beluga brown but it should do a fantastic job of concealing grime in between washes, saving you money in the long run. Its relative subtlety should help it remain popular among used car buyers, too, although it might take a little longer to sell than more traditional shades.

Cosmos blue – £550

This exceptionally dark blue should not only prove popular among new and used car buyers, but its darkness should help your A3 last a while between washes. The only drawback is the fact this metallic finish will cost £550 more than the three standard solid colours.

Floret silver – £550

Floret silver will doubtless prove popular with business users thanks to the popularity of silver cars among second hand buyers. Pale shades such as this will require regular scrubbing, however, to keep road grime at bay.

Glacier white – £550

Metallic white shades really sparkle in the sunlight and show off a car’s curves to best effect. It’ll be a pain to keep clean but, when the time comes to sell, finding a buyer should be a breeze.

Monsoon grey – £550

Another typically Germanic shade and a choice that certainly shows off the A3’s aggressive front-end. Under the UK’s incessant grey skies this colour may look a little washed-out but good dirt-hiding abilities and strong resale values should make Monsoon grey popular among A3 buyers.

Mythos black – £550

Should the standard Brilliant black shade not float your boat, metallic Mythos black might be more up your street. The A3 certainly looks menacing with such dark paintwork but keeping it looking factory-fresh will require regular cleaning.

Nano grey – £550

When it comes to looking cleanest for longest, few colours will be able to match Nano Grey. It might lack the character of some bolder colour choices but this subtle grey should prove popular among used car buyers.

Tango red – £550

Tango red could prove to be the perfect choice for buyers who want a bold colour that makes an statement but shouldn’t be too difficult to sell on. It’ll perform moderately at hiding dirt if not as well as a darker car.

Pearl effect colours

Daytona grey – £550

Pearl finishes add an extra dimension to solid or metallic paints and Daytona grey is no exception. This shade will shimmer in direct sunlight making the A3 look simply stunning and, as an added bonus, grey paintwork should be easy to sell on when you’re ready for a new car.

Save money on your new Audi A3

If you’ve decided which colour you think suits the A3 best, make sure you use our Audi A3 configurator to get a deal on your next new car. If you’re not sure what to buy, check out our deals page and helpful car chooser tool.

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