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Mercedes CLA colours guide and prices

The Mercedes CLA comes packed with safety kit and a good-sized boot, as either a four-door coupe or elegant five-door Shooting Brake – and both are available as high performance AMG models.

Deciding on the colour of a your new car can seem tricky, but our paint types guide is here to help. It’s always worth remembering that your colour choice will affect both resale speed and how often you’ll need to visit a car wash. All CLA models are available with the same seven-colour palette, consisting of two non-metallic and five metallic shades.

Our Mercedes CLA car configurator can help you get your next car, in your favourite colour, at a great price.

Non-metallic colours

Cirrus White – £0

This bright white is one of Britain’s favourite car colours, so should sell very easily. Many marques will charge extra for white paint but on the CLA it is a standard colour that won’t cost you a penny extra. As you can imagine, however, a white car will need very regular cleaning, especially if you do a lot of miles.

Jupiter Red – £0

This vivid scarlet will certainly inject some colour into your driveway. Some may find it a tad bold, but red is still a popular hue and should sell with relative ease. Additionally, it should do an average job of concealing road grime between washes.

Metallic Colours

Cosmos Black – £660

This smart jet black could be ideal if you’re looking for a fleet or corporate vehicle because you’ll find it easy to move on when you’re finished with it. Although darker colours usually hide dirt well, black can buck the trend – cheaper car washes can often leave ugly swirl marks behind.

Mountain Grey – £660

This mid-range grey will blend in with every other grey or silver car on the road – which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on whether you like to fly under the radar or standout. It should hide the worst a British road can throw at it too.

Northern Lights Violet – £550

This strong purple shade could be perfect if you want a distinctive and colourful car that should do a fair job of concealing dirt and grime. Although perfect for those who want to stand out on the road, it may prove slightly more difficult to sell on.

Orient Bronze – £660

This shiny brown metallic hue is a rather unusual colour that may not be for everyone. It could be ideal if you fancy a colour that’s a bit different, yet able to hide dirt quite well. 

Polar Silver – £660

This silver shade is so pale it’s almost white, making it a good choice if you’re aiming to sell your car quickly. Bear in mind, however, a colour as bright as this will be nearly as unforgiving as white when it comes to hiding grime.

Save money on your new Mercedes CLA

Use our Mercedes CLA car configurator to see how much carwow can help you save. Still not sure about which car to buy? Our car chooser tool is here to help.

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