Five superminis with big boots

Superminis are very popular at the moment – and if you find yourself living in a busy city such as London, you will know this to be especially true.

There’s good reason for their popularity. They are fun to drive, cheap to buy and run, and most can fit four adults in relative comfort. They are also quite, well, small – so if you live in a congested city, this ultimately makes for a less stressful experience behind the wheel.

You shouldn’t let their size fool you into thinking that they won’t be able to carry your weekly shop though; most superminis on the market offer pretty impressive levels of boot-space. To prove it, we have compiled a list of five superminis that can fit a considerable amount of junk in their trunks.

Ford Fiesta

In its current guise, the Ford Fiesta has been with us for quite a while now. This is a truly fantastic little car, and it is easy to see how it consistently finds itself mentioned in various ‘Best Supermini’ lists. It’s good looking, offers a great drive, and is relatively inexpensive to buy.

It also offers impressive levels of boot space. With 290-litres worth of luggage capacity available with the rear seats up, it is the smallest amount offered by a supermini on this list, but still one of the best in class. Boot space can be increased to 974 litres with the rear seats down, and this extra space is made especially accessible thanks to a wide opening, and a reasonably low loading lip.

Renault Clio

Offering ever-so-slightly improved levels of boot space is the Renault Clio – with a handy 300 litres of rear storage space. Although this is more than enough to safely house a few weekend bags or a small suitcase, the rear seats can once again be folded down in order to free up more room should you find yourself a bit short of space.

Boot capacity is increased to 1,146 litres with the back seats folded flat and, thanks to a wide tailgate, loading awkwardly shaped items is made that much easier. Unfortunately, the rear seats don’t fold completely flat, but the space that is on offer once they are down should be enough to cater to most people’s needs.

Dacia Sandero

Not only is the Dacia Sandero one of the cheapest cars available in the United Kingdom (with Sandero prices starting just under £6,000), it is also an incredibly practical little vehicle. With the back seats up, this bargain basement car serves up an impressive 320 litres of storage space. With the rear seats folded (almost) flat, the Dacia’s boot becomes an absolute cavern – offering drivers a monstrous 1,200 litres of potential storage space.

The fun comes to a rather abrupt halt here though. Although the Dacia may be a cheap and roomy car, it is not one that has been designed to put a smile on your face as it takes you from A to B. Mind you, if you truly only want your car to get you from A to B with as little fuss (and as much stuff) as possible, then the Dacia wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Hyundai i20

The all-new Hyundai i20 serves up an impressive 326 litres of boot space with the rear seats in their upright position, making it the second roomiest supermini on this list. The i20 has a low, wide opening that makes it particularly easy to load items, and the 60:40 split-folding rear seats can be laid flat to free up 1,042 litres of space.

Thanks to its recent update, the i20 is now much more appealing to the eye, with sporty-looking lines and creases running down its flanks and swept back headlights helping bring this once dated looking car into the present.

Skoda Fabia

When it comes to boot space, the new Skoda Fabia takes the cake (and all the pots and pans needed to make it), serving up 330 litres of space. Not only does this make the Fabia the roomiest car on this list in terms of boot space, it also makes it bigger than the Ford Focus – which is a whole class above.

With the back seats folded flat, the Fabia’s boot space is increased to a generous 1,150 litres, although as with most cars on this list the rear seats don’t fold completely flat, meaning there is a small lip between the back seat and the boot floor. This is not the end of the world though, as the lip is lower than what it was on the previous generation of Fabia, and it is easy enough to slide large objects in over it.

Like big boots and can’t lie?

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Skoda Fabia

Very capable, safe and well-made supermini
£10,500 - £18,720
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Dacia Sandero

Decent-enough supermini is the cheapest new car on sale
£7,800 - £11,200
Read review Compare offers
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