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The best used small cars (2019)

Are you looking for something that’s cheap, practical, economical and just as easy to drive in town as on the motorway? Then it sounds like you’re after a used small car.

To help you find the one that’s right for you, here’s the definitive list of the ten best used small cars that you can buy on carwow right now.

Volkswagen Polo (2014-2017)

The Volkswagen Polo is one of the most iconic small cars on the road – and it deserves its reputation. Whether it’s brand new or bought even cheaper as a used car via carwow, this is a comfy, practical hatchback for both towns and motorways.

Ford Fiesta (2012-2017)

The Ford Fiesta is another small car superhero and comes a close second. It’s fun to drive and boasts easy-to-use infotainment and a range of nippy engines. It’s economical, too, and extremely easy to manoeuvre in the tight streets you’ll find in town.

Mazda 2

Despite being a small and economical car, the Mazda 2 has the exterior of a sporty hatchback and a similarly good-looking interior. The 89hp engine available for the 2 is a solid all-rounder, blending low running costs with a decent dose of muscle for the larger, open roads.

SEAT Ibiza (2012-2017)

It may have been labelled a “small car” but, inside, the SEAT Ibiza is a surprisingly roomy hatchback. It has back seats that can accommodate two adults and a boot big enough to take all of their luggage. Beyond that, it looks great, is extremely economical and drives comfortably and quietly.

3-door Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper has been a quintessential symbol of the UK since the 1960s and the current three-door version honours that. It has a chipper, go-get-’em excitement to the way it drives, while also being well-equipped with good infotainment and safety kit.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa ticks all the boxes for what you’d want from a small car. Cheap to buy? Check. Economical? Check. Nippy engines? Check. Good equipment inside? Check.

If you’re in the market for a strong all-rounder that has a lot of staying power, this is the used small car for you!

Audi A1 (2015-2017)

The 2015 Audi A1 is actually heavily based on the list-topping Volkswagen Polo. As a result, it drives similarly, feeling comfortable and relaxing on the road. Depending on your mood, it’s equally happy being conservative or sporty, making it ideal if you regularly switch from the city to the motorway.

Skoda Fabia (2015-2017)

If you’re a badge snob, you may regularly overlook Skoda, but the Fabia is a small car that’s incredibly easy to live with. It’s roomy, has a decently-sized boot and will prove economical in the long run. To some, it may not have the pedigree of an Audi, yet that should not put you off.

Honda Jazz

It may look as exciting as drywall, but the Honda Jazz is an extremely practical small car. The seats are comfortable and the cabin promises a lot of room – even in the back. Its big boot is a very notable plus, as well.

Toyota Yaris

Last is the Toyota Yaris, which earns its spot on this list with its well-equipped interior and spacious cabin. It’s also economical and reliable, making it an ace option if you want a cheap-and-cheerful car to keep the whole family satisfied.

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