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Toyota Aygo dimensions – UK exterior and interior sizes


If you’re looking to downsize or you’re after a decent city car, you won’t find many cars smaller and lighter than the Toyota Aygo.

Even though you know it’s small, it’s still a good idea to be fully clued-up about what the actual dimensions are to make sure it’s the right size for your needs.

That’s why we’ve compiled the Aygo’s vital statistics in one place for you, so you don’t have to go trawling through brochures and websites. Toyota tells you to “go fun yourself” with the Aygo – but does it fit your lifestyle?


Exterior dimensions

Unless money is no object, any small car is going to be a compromise to some extent. You simply can’t have small, nippy and economical and also expect to seat a football team and accommodate enough luggage for a six-week expedition to the Arctic. Despite there being no more space between the axles than the old model, there’s still 9mm of extra length inside the new car.



Exterior length – 3,455mm
Exterior width – 1,615mm
Exterior height – 1,460mm


Front track – 1,425mm
Rear track – 1,420mm
Wheelbase – 2,340mm


Interior dimensions

If you and your friends are all six-foot tall, the Aygo won’t be much fun to spend time in – but it’s surprisingly spacious for those lucky enough to be sat in the front. Then again, this is a city car and it’s not really designed to transport whole families and their stuff on long journeys in the first place.



Interior length – 1,630mm
Interior width – 1,300mm
Interior height – 1,205mm


Luggage space

The Aygo’s luggage volume looks rather small on paper, but our own unscientific carry-on luggage test suggests there’s still plenty of room for stuff in there, just as there is in rivals like the Volkswagen Up.



Boot space – 168 litres


Turning circle and fuel tank capacity

If you need to turn around in a tight space you’re unlikely to find many cars better than the Aygo, which has a tighter turning circle than a black cab. The Aygo has a small fuel tank, but at 60 or more miles to every gallon you’ll still not be filling up that often.



Turning circle – 4.8m (‘x’ trim) to 5.1m
Fuel tank – 35 litres



Small usually means light, and light means manoeuvrable and economical – two of the major attributes of any city car, and the Toyota Aygo in particular.



Kerb weight – 840-910kg
vehicle weight – 1,240kg


More information

If you want to read more about the Aygo and all its options and variations then check out full Toyota Aygo review.




Toyota Aygo

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