The Oddest Driving Laws From Around The World

March 20, 2012 by

This post is from UK car and van leasing company, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.
There are a whole lot of laws out there to remember when out on the roads here in the UK, learning the entire collection of road signs alone can take up a huge amount of time. Whilst you might think that the laws here are too much for you, take a look at some of the weirdest laws across the world and decide if you still feel sorry for yourself.
It would seem that in Pennsylvania, road kill has become such an issue that laws have been set-up that specifically ensures the safety of livestock. When heading along a country road at night the driver is required to step outside of the vehicle and set off a rocket every single mile! It doesnt end there, a driver cannot continue with the route until 10 minutes have passed so that the road is cleared of all potential livestock.
This may sound crazy but not only are the drivers protecting innocent animals but they are also stopping any damage that could be caused by the animal hitting the vehicle! I want to know if the driver has to fork out for hundreds of rockets every year or if there is some form of government grant!?!

Its A Car Wash Today

You might be thinking that having to wash the car on a bi-weekly basis is a bit of a chore at the moment but you would in a spot of bother if you lived in Downey California. In Downey, car owners are not allowed to wash their cars out on the street at all! This results in car owners being limited to their garage or having to get an expert to come and take the car away to clean it for them. Whats even worse than this is that in Switzerland you are not allowed to wash your car on a Sunday and in San Francisco, washing your car with used underwear, illegal!

Harsh, Sexist Laws

Even in the modern world that we live in today there are still countries and states that feel that men are superior to women. Memphis, New Orleans and Alabama all have laws that state that women are not permitted to drive a car unless a man is either running or walking in front of it waving a red flag to warn approaching motorists and pedestrians, can you get any more belittling? In Saudi Arabia, women have only just been allowed to vote (2009) and are unfortunately still a long way off being allowed to drive.

Animal Rights

Having the dog in the back of the car is a pain in the ass right? How about an elephant? A strange law exists in Florida whereby if you tie an elephant to a parking meter you will have to pay the normal fee that you would in order to park your vehicle there. I have to say, I have been to Florida many times and have never seen people on elephant backs!
In Arcadia, California, Peacocks have the right of way when crossing any street at all and in another part of California, ducks have right of way at all times!
These are really just a few traffic/road laws that are a little on thestrange side. Others include it being illegal to ride a Camel on the highway (Nevada), not being allowed to molest an automobile (Oklahoma) and of course who could forget, peeping inside a window of a car is forbidden (Massachusetts).
Let us know of any weird laws you’ve heard about.