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What is Mercedes Sport trim? Is it worth it?

November 03, 2015 by

Like many manufacturers, the choice of trims offered by Mercedes can be slightly confusing – we’ve put together this guide explaining the brand’s Sport trim level.

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What models is Mercedes Sport trim available on?

Sport is a mid-range trim on mainstream Mercedes models. It sits between entry-level SE trim and the more expensive AMG Line option on the A-Class, B-Class and C-Class saloon, Estate and Coupe. You’ll also find that it’s the cheapest trim available on CLA models.

What exactly is Mercedes Sport trim?

In spite of the name, the Sport isn’t the fastest or snazziest trim you can buy – for that you’ll want the AMG Line. What Sport does add though, is a myriad of exterior and interior enhancements that’ll bump the price of the A and B-Class up by £1,000, and just over £2,000 if you want the C-Class.

What does Mercedes Sport trim add?

Dependant on the car in question, exact specification will vary, but nothing drastically changes between models. Here’s an overview of what you can expect if you plump for a Mercedes in Sport-guise. You’ll find it adds:

  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • Active parking assist – this’ll help you get into those tight spaces
  • Suspension lowered by 15mm
  • Twin tailpipes
  • Eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • Extra interior lights for the dashboard and vanity mirrors
  • Instrument panel with a 4.5-inch digital monitor
  • Leather three-spoke sport steering wheel and gear knob
  • Mercedes’ top-of-the-range climate control system

With Sport trim being a pricier option for the C-Class, you’ll get all of the above plus the following:

  • Heated front sports seats
  • Electric folding and heated door mirrors
  • LED headlights
  • A Garmin navigation system integrated into the infotainment system

Is Mercedes Sport trim worth it?

Considering you’ll only be adding between one and two thousand pounds to the purchase price, Sport offers good value for money. However, the reason there isn’t a huge price difference is because the SE models are so well-equipped already.

Being a Mercedes will mean it’ll hold its value but, by adding some sought-after extras such as bigger alloy wheels and infotainment system, you’ll not only enjoy the car more, but it’ll be easier to sell when the time comes, too.

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