The 10 worst cars on sale

The standard of new cars has never been higher, but as this list will show, there are still some shockingly bad cars on sale. What might surprise you is that one of these cars is a Mercedes! We’ll guide you through the worst performing new cars on carwow.
The buzzScore shows the average score given by experts to each car. So basically it gives you an objective assessment of how good, or in this case bad, each new car is. These are are the cars with the lowest buzzScores on sale at the moment.

Number 10 – Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion

Most of Ford’s cars do very well on carwow. They get impressive reviews, don’t cost too much to run and the new Ford design style looks good. The Ford Fusion reviews show that it is the weak point in Ford’s line up. With a current buzzScore of 5.0, it shows the critics really didn’t think much of it.

Anyone who buys a Fusion over the excellent new Ford Fiesta needs their head examining.

Number 9 – Kia Magentis

Kia Magentis

Kia have made some pretty shocking cars in the past, but their latest models are getting good reviews, it shows that the Korean manufacturer is improving rapidly.

The Magentis is a throwback to their darker days though. It’s bland, and although it’s cheap, it will depreciate scarily quick. Plus the experts report that it’s expensive to run, so there really is nothing to recommend about it.
The Kia Magentis has a current buzzScore of 5.0, which is proof alone that you shouldn’t even consider one.

Number 8 – Proton Satira Neo

Proton Satira Neo

The Proton Satira Neo is a cheap hatchback that when compared to its competition is monumentally awful. It has a buzzScore of 4.8, the critics clearly don’t like it.

Amazingly, although it is relatively cheap, some of the reviews say it’s too expensive! The depreciation will be horrendous too. If you are stupid enough to buy one, then don’t expect to get much money for it when you come to selling it.

Number 7 – Ssangyong Rodius

Ssangyong Rodius

We reckon the Ssangyong Rodius is the worst looing MPV on sale, and that’s saying something! It’s almost comically ugly. According to Wikipdedia, Top Gear once described it as a car “that looks like it got bottled in a pub brawl and stitched back together by a blind man”. We reckon that’s a fitting description.

Underneath those hideous looks, it’s not even a good car. With a buzzScore of 4.8, the experts, when not slating the design, say it’s awful to drive and scarily lacking in safety in safety features. Avoid.

Number 6 – Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade

This is definitely the only car on this list that would ever be driven by a celebrity. We couldn’t ever picture Cheryl Cole stepping out of a Kia Magentis for example.

It frequently appears on rap videos and as a result can often be seen driven by your local drug dealer, or at least you local wannabe drug dealer. Usually with darkly tinted windows, huge chrome wheels and crap music blasting out. They are the epitome of bad taste.
The Cadillac Escalade reviews are appalling though, it has a buzzScore of 4.5. It’s poor to drive, rubbish off-road and isn’t well made.

Number 5 – Proton GEN-2

Proton Gen-2

The GEN-2 is another ugly car that does poorly. But it’s not just the looks that the experts hate. It’s completely outdated, boring to drive and will be one of the fastest depreciating cars that you can buy. The buzzScore of 4.2 says it all really.

Number 4 – Proton Savvy

Proton Savvy

Yep, you guessed it, it’s another Proton. This Malaysian car maker really hasn’t produced any close to decent cars yet. The Savvy is their worst one yet, with a shockingly low buzzScore of 4.2.

The interior is reportedly very poor and the build quality throughout is appalling when compared to its modern rivals. And, as with every Proton, the depreciation will really hurt.

Number 3 – Mercedes Viano

Mercedes Viano

The Viano is by far the worst car Mercedes makes. The brand is known for producing exceptional cars, this definitely isn’t one of them. With a current buzzScore of 4.0 it’s the 3rd worst car on the site.

It has no style, just by looking it at you can tell it’s based on a van. The Viano reviews state it’s poor to drive (like a van is), and that the interior quality isn’t close to what you’d expect from Mercedes. The biggest problem though is the price; it’s far too expensive, all you are paying for is the prestigious badge. There are far better people carriers to choose from.

Number 2 – Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny

The Suzuki Jimny is one of the most outdated cars on sale. The Jimny reviews have a lot of bad things to say about it, with a buzzScore of 3.3 you would have to be mad to buy one.

It’s good off-road, but that is where the compliments end. It’s uncomfortable, achingly slow and one of the least enjoyable cars to drive. You’d be completely bonkers to even contemplate buying one.

Number 1 – Perodua Kenari

Perodua Kenari

The Perodua Kenari is quite comfortably the worst car on sale today. It has a buzzScore of 2.7. The highest score that any of the experts gave it is a dismal 4 out of 10. It literally has no redeeming features. Although it’s fairly cheap, there are much better cars out there for the same money. And once again, as with all the cars on this list, the depreciation will be horrendous.

We’re not sure if anyone has ever bought one, we’ve certainly never seen one on the road, nor have we ever seen a Perodua dealer come to think of it! A testament to how undesirable they really are.
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