New Lotus Emeya: all-electric GT car available to order later this year

February 13, 2024 by

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Following the recent launch of the Lotus Eletre, the iconic British sports car maker is now coming out with an all-electric four-door GT car touting some Tesla-scaring performance figures. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Lotus Emeya revealed
  • Electric four-door GT car to sit alongside the Eletre SUV
  • Shares motors with that car
  • 905hp and 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds
  • Around 320 miles of range predicted
  • On sale later this year

This is the all-new Lotus Emeya, and it’s the brand’s second foray into the world of EVs. It follows on from the Eletre SUV which launched early last year, and the styling is heavily inspired by that car as well.

This alternative to the Tesla Model S and Mercedes EQE will be available with the same bonkers 905hp tri-motor setup as the Eletre R, which makes for some pretty impressive performance figures.

New Lotus Emeya design

The designers at Lotus were obviously very pleased with the Eletre SUV, because the styling of that SUV has been translated onto the new Emeya saloon.

That’s by no means a bad thing though, because the styling has carried over very well. The sleek headlights and wide, aggressive-looking grille make the Emeya look much more purposeful than a Tesla Model S, and it looks much less computer mouse-like than a Mercedes EQE.

The sleek sloping roofline and flared wheel arches help add to the coupe-esque look of the Emeya, and there’s something of the Audi A7 about the silhouette. The rear end also features a similar chunky light bar to the Eletre SUV.

Keeping the comparisons going, you may be able to see hints of Bugatti Chiron in the rear end. There’s something about the large oval shape at the back with the thin LED tail lights set back into the air vents which brings the multi-million pound hypercar to mind.

New Lotus Emeya motors and performance

You have to be packing a lot of power if you want to leave the Tesla Model S Plaid quaking in its tyres, and the Emeya certainly has plenty of oomph.

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It’s powered by the same dual-motor setup as the Lotus Eletre R, meaning it has 905hp and 985Nm of torque. That’s a lot, but not quite enough to scare the Tesla with its three motors and 1,020hp.

That power deficit means it’s slightly slower from 0-60mph than the Tesla as well, completing the sprint in 2.8 seconds compared to the 1.99 seconds claimed for the Model S. Keep in mind though that Tesla measures its 0-60mph times using a one-foot rollout, a system which can make the time appear slightly quicker, so the gap may not be this wide in the real world.

New Lotus Emeya batteries, range and charging

All that power would be no good if you have to stop to charge all the time, so the Emeya is fitted with the same huge 102kWh battery as the Eletre.

Lotus hasn’t given an official range figure just yet, but it has said that it’s “expected to be broadly similar to the Eletre”. Seeing as this car has the same motor setup as the Eletre R, it makes sense to benchmark the range against that car.

It has up to 304 miles of range, however this Emeya will be more aerodynamic and is likely to be lighter as well. Expect to see a figure of around 320 miles.

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Just like the Eletre, the new Emeya will be capable of 350kW DC fast charging. This means you can add 93 miles of range in just 5 minutes, and top up from 10-80% in as little as 18 minutes.

New Lotus Emeya suspension and chassis

Lotus’ of old were designed with one purpose in mind: to be as much fun in the corners as possible. This new Emeya however has more of a focus on comfort for long-distance cruising.

It has air suspension fitted as standard, and it’s an adaptive setup which can read the road ahead 1,000 times per second and adjusts the dampers to glide over bumps with ease.

New Lotus Emeya interior and infotainment

Like the recently-revealed Lotus Eletre, the new Emeya has a pretty posh-looking cabin with plenty of luxurious materials to help it feel more premium.

The overall design is pretty similar to the Eletre, albeit with a more low-slung driving position. The materials used also look pretty cool, and many of them are sustainably sourced. Take the thread used for the stitching, for example. It’s made using repurposed fibres from the fashion industry.

You have a massive screen in the centre console, however that’s par for the course these days. What’s not so typical is the 55.0-inch augmented reality head-up display. It can be used to project things like navigation directions onto the road ahead, helping to ensure you never miss a turn.

When will the Lotus Emeya go on sale?

Production of the new Lotus Emeya is slated to start in 2024, so expect to see cars appearing on driveways in the UK by the end of next year.

There’s no official word on price yet, however you can expect it to fetch similar money to the Eletre. A figure of around £90,000 seems likely.

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