New 2022 Mercedes EQE electric car spotted: price, specs and release date

Graham King
December 01, 2020

The new Mercedes EQE has been spotted testing. This Tesla Model S alternative will be one of Mercedes’ first purpose-built electric cars when it goes on sale in 2022.

  • New electric Mercedes EQE spotted
  • Heavily disguised prototype
  • Smaller than the upcoming EQS
  • Will be more powerful than EQC
  • 350+ miles of range expected
  • Will go on sale in 2022
  • Prices could start from around £65,000

The new Mercedes EQE is a luxurious electric car that’s smaller than the upcoming Mercedes EQS saloon and a battery-powered alternative to the conventional petrol-, diesel- and hybrid-powered Mercedes E-Class.

The new Mercedes EQE has a smoother, more curvaceous design than most Mercedes saloons.

New Mercedes EQE design

Despite the black and white camouflage, it’s clear from these photos that the new Mercedes EQE will look nothing like the existing E-Class. You shouldn’t be too surprised – after all, it’s supposed to be a completely new electric equivalent of the E-Class, not just an electric version of that car.

The prototypes protruding brake lights conceal sleeker LED lamps beneath. 

The new Mercedes EQE looks very similar to the upcoming EQS, mostly because the bonnet and boot lid are very short, and the front and rear wheels are pushed out as far away from each other as possible. This gives it a sleek, purposeful look, but also suggests that the cabin will be very spacious. Speaking of which…

New Mercedes EQE Interior

OK, so Mercedes hasn’t revealed what the new EQE cabin will look like, but it has built a concept car to give you a good idea of what to expect (shown in the video above).

This Vision EQS concept will inspire the new range of EQ models and moves away from screens stuck on top of the dashboard to screens built into the centre console – much like those on the all-new Mercedes S-Class. 

From the side, the new EQE looks more like a four-door coupe than a conventional saloon. 

New Mercedes EQE batteries and range

Mercedes hasn’t released any information about the EQE’s batteries and electric motors, but it’s fair to assume that it’ll be on par with the hugely popular Tesla Model S. Expect the new EQE’s range to be in the region of 350 to 400 miles. 

What happens when you drive an electric car until it completely runs out of power? Find out in the video below.

New Mercedes EQE motors and performance

The Mercedes EQE will likely come with a range of motor and battery combinations. Entry-level models may come with a single electric motor while higher-spec versions will likely come with a dual-motor setup – one to power the front wheels and another to drive the two at the rear.

It’s possible Mercedes could offer a much more powerful, high-performance model with more than 600hp to go toe-to-toe with the Tesla Model S Performance. 

The new Mercedes EQE will go on sale in 2022.

New Mercedes-Benz EQE price and release date

Mercedes has confirmed that the EQE will go on sale in 2022. Prices are expected to start from around £65,000 – approximately the same as a high-spec E-Class. For comparison, an entry-level Tesla Model S with 405 miles of range costs almost £75,000.

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