New Mercedes EQE electric car revealed and AMG EQE spotted: price, specs and release date

October 22, 2021 by

This is the new Mercedes EQE. It’s Mercedes’ latest all-electric saloon and it packs loads of high-tech features from the EQS into a smaller, cheaper, E-Class saloon-sized package. Read on for full details.

  • New Mercedes EQE revealed
  • Smaller version of luxurious EQS
  • Roomier than E-Class saloon
  • 90kWh battery, 410 miles of range
  • 170kW charging capability
  • Single motor with 292hp
  • Rear-wheel steering
  • AMG version spotted
  • EQE likely to cost from £60,000
  • Could go on sale in 2022

This is the new Mercedes EQE. It’s a brand-new electric saloon that packs loads of tech from the uber-luxurious EQS into a smaller, cheaper package.

In this sense, it’s an alternative to the likes of the Tesla Model S, although its 410-mile range is even farther than you can drive in a Model S Long Range. Sound good? Well, here’s everything you need to know about it.

New Mercedes EQE design

The new Mercedes EQE looks very similar to the larger EQS. OK, so the headlights are slightly chunkier and they have some more angular daytime running lights, but the blanked-off plastic grille is pretty similar, and so are the air intakes on each side of the bumper.

The EQE comes with its own range of 19 to 21-inch alloy wheels, but you can’t deny that the swooping roofline, curvy doors and chrome trim look just like the EQS.

It’s the same story at the back, too. The EQE’s brake lights and black bumper trim look almost identical to what you get on an EQS.

New Mercedes EQE interior

If you thought the EQE looked just like the EQS on the outside, wait until you get inside – it looks almost exactly the same as Mercedes’ new ultra-luxurious EV.

Ok, so there are a few differences. The steering wheel is new and the seats have different stitching, but that’s about it…

The EQE’s wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels) is 90mm less than an EQS, but its cabin is 80mm longer than a normal E-Class saloon, so it should still feel super roomy inside. There’s 27mm more shoulder space than that car too, and the seats are 65mm higher to give you more leg support.

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But, there is a problem. The EQE’s 430-litre boot is about 110 litres smaller than the one in an E-Class saloon – it’s even 25 litres smaller than the boot in a C-Class saloon.

What’s more, you can’t store anything under the EQE’s bonnet – you know, where an engine would usually go – because Mercedes has sealed it shut.

New Mercedes EQE hyperscreen infotainment

The cheapest EQE will feature a similar dual-screen setup to this, the entry-level Mercedes EQS

The Mercedes EQE comes with a dual-screen infotainment system as standard, just like the one on an entry-level EQS, with a 12.3-inch driver’s display and a 13-inch touchscreen on the dashboard.

But, you can pay extra to get Mercedes’ flashy Hyperscreen system with 3 built-in screens. There’s a 12.3-inch display for the driver, another for the passenger and a huge 17.7-inch touchscreen in the middle.

This is the EQE’s optional Hyperscreen infotainment setup

This comes with loads of features pinched from the EQS, including the latest ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice recognition. You can also connect it to smart tech in your house, so you can tell your car to switch the heating on at home while you’re driving.

The Mercedes EQE is compatible with over-the-air updates, so you’ll never have to take it back to a dealership to make sure it has all the latest software.

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These updates let you pay for extra features that your car didn’t have when it left the factory, including new synthesised engine sounds that play through the stereo when you’re driving, and customisable headlight and brake light animations that play when you lock and unlock the car.

New Mercedes EQE range

The Mercedes EQE has a 90kWh battery that gives it 410 miles of range. That’s 50 miles more than you get from a Tesla Model 3 long range, and 5 miles more than you get in a Model S Long Range.

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It’s not perfect, though. You can’t charge it up quite as quickly as the batteries in the bigger EQS. That car is compatible with beefy 200kW fast chargers, which can add almost 190 miles of range in just 15 minutes. The EQE is limited to 170kW fast chargers, but these can still boost your range by 155 miles in the same amount of time.

If you pick your charging station using the Mercedes Me Charge app, you can choose to recharge using renewable electricity, too.

New Mercedes EQE performance

Mercedes hasn’t said much about the new EQE’s performance, but it has confirmed it’ll put the rear-wheel-drive 350 model on sale first. This uses a single motor at the back that makes 292hp and 530Nm of torque.

Mercedes hasn’t said exactly how quick these cars will be, but they shouldn’t be too far off the pace of an entry-level 2-wheel drive EQS. That has a single motor with 333hp and accelerates from 0-60mph in 6.2 seconds.

Mercedes will launch a 4-wheel drive EQE later, followed by an even faster AMG version.

New Mercedes-AMG EQE

The rear-wheel-drive Mercedes EQE is expected to go on sale in early 2022, followed shortly after by a four-wheel-drive model. If you’re looking for something more pwoerful, not to worry – an AMG edition of the car is set for release as well.

Although Mercedes has not released any information about the EQE AMG, a prototype has been spotted testing using new alloy wheels and some much larger and sportier brake discs than the standard EQE.

The AMG EQE could have a similar engine configuration to a top-spec Mercedes EQS, producing 523hp from a four-wheel drive, dual-motor setup.

Alternatively, Mercedes could really push the boat out and kit out the EQS AMG with the same tech as in the AMG EQS 53. This would mean it’d be capable of churning out 761hp from dual motors – the same power output as the Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

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The AMG EQE may not match the AMG EQS’s 360 miles of range, but it could boast more power than the 612hp AMG E63S, and its 0-60mph time should be around 4 seconds flat.

New Mercedes EQE driving

The Mercedes EQE has loads of features that should make it very relaxing to drive. For starters, Mercedes has covered all the batteries and motors with a special foam to cancel out noise and vibrations and it fine-tuned the EQE’s body to reduce wind noise, just like the larger EQS.

You get steel springs as standard but you can pay extra for adaptive air suspension, just like in a high-spec S-Class and EQS. This should help iron out bumps even better, and it can lower the whole car by up to 20mm when you’re cruising to make it quieter and even more stable.

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You can also fork out a bit more cash for rear-wheel-steering – just like on the EQS – that cuts the EQE’s turning circle from 12.5m to 10.7m. That’s even smaller than an A-Class’s turning circle.

You can also download additional Young Driver programs that let you limit the car’s power and speed if you need to lend it to someone a bit inexperienced.

New Mercedes EQE price

The new Mercedes EQE will likely on sale in 2022. Mercedes hasn’t said how much it’ll cost yet, but it’ll probably set you back about the same as a high-spec Mercedes E-Class, from around £60,000. There’s a chance that Mercedes may only bring more expensive, higher-spec cars to the UK (as it did with the EQS), which could set you back more like £80,000.

Four-wheel-drive versions will cost more though, and the AMG EQE that’s coming later will probably set you back more than £100,000.

If you can’t wait that long and you need a new EV now, check out the latest electric car deals or compare the best Mercedes offers available through carwow. 

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