New 2022 Mercedes EQE electric car spotted: price, specs and release date

James Allen
April 22, 2021

The new Mercedes EQE has been spotted testing. This Tesla Model S alternative will be one of Mercedes’ first purpose-built electric cars when it goes on sale in 2022.

  • New electric Mercedes EQE spotted
  • Heavily disguised prototype
  • Smaller than the upcoming EQS
  • Will be more powerful than EQC
  • 350+ miles of range expected
  • Will go on sale in 2022
  • Prices could start from around £65,000

The new Mercedes EQE is a luxurious electric car that’s smaller than the upcoming Mercedes EQS saloon and a battery-powered alternative to the conventional petrol-, diesel- and hybrid-powered Mercedes E-Class. It’s also set to compete with the Tesla Model S and other upcoming electric saloons such as the Audi A6 e-tron.

New Mercedes EQE design

Fresh shots of the EQE being tested at the Nurburgring circuit have surfaced

Despite the black and white camouflage, it’s clear from these photos that the new EQE will look nothing like the existing Mercedes E-Class. You shouldn’t be too surprised – after all, it’s supposed to be a completely new electric equivalent of the E-Class, not just an electric version of that car.

Smoother brake lights can be seen on the car that look similar to those on the EQS

Because its shape bears more than a passing resemblance to the larger Mercedes EQS, a lot of that car’s styling cues should also feature on the new EQE. These will include a set of full-width headlights and tailights, a swoopy roofline and a closed-off front grille with a huge Mercedes logo slap bang in the middle.

New Mercedes EQE Interior

Expect a toned-down version of the EQS’ interior (pictured)

It’ll be a while yet before the EQE’s cabin is caught on camera, though you can get a pretty good idea of what it’ll look like thanks to the new Mercedes EQS luxury saloon. While not every feature on that car will trickle down to its smaller sibling, quite a lot of what’s available on that car is set to feature on the EQE.

The EQS’s optional ‘Hyperscreen’ infotainment could be offered on the new EQE

As a result, expect the EQE to have a similarly pared-back and swoopy dashboard design, with most of the physical button controls being relegated to a huge centre console touchscreen display. Don’t be surprised if the EQS’ gargantuan ‘Hyperscreen’ setup, which essentially combines three screens into one massive display unit, also makes its way onto the EQE’s options list.

Like many other electric cars, the EQE is set to get quite a long-wheelbase (the distance between the car’s front and rear axles), which should in theory translate to good amounts of interior space. The car’s swoopy roofline may eat into rear-seat headroom a bit, though

New Mercedes EQE batteries and range

The EQE could be capable of as much as 350 miles between charges

Battery sizes for the EQE haven’t been confirmed yet, though the car should be big enough to fit the 90kWh pack that’ll be available on the EQS limo. Likewise, while there’s no official word yet on how far you’ll be able to drive between charges, but expect the EQE to have up around 350-400 miles of range, depending on the model.

Watch Mat’s Mercedes EQS video

It’s quite likely the EQE will inherit the EQS’ rapid charging feature, too – meaning it may be compatible with powerful 200kW charging points that can put a lot of energy into the battery very quickly. These can boost your range by 186 miles in just 15 minutes.

What happens when you drive an electric car until it completely runs out of power? Find out in the video below.

You’ll also be able to recharge the EQE by plugging it into less powerful charging points or a domestic wall box unit, though they won’t be able to recharge the car’s batteries anywhere near as quickly.

Expect a full charge to take around 10 hours as standard using an 11kW onboard charger, but Mercedes will likely offer a faster 22kw onboard-charger option that’ll be finished in five hours.

New Mercedes EQE motors and performance

Expect a selection of single- and dual-motor setups

Like the larger EQS limo, the EQE is expected to come in a range of motor setups. Entry-level models will likely only be available as rear-wheel-drive cars, with the dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup tipped to be reserved for more powerful versions.

While not officially confirmed yet, it’s highly likely there’ll be a selection of high-performance AMG versions – with electric sports saloons such as the Tesla Model S Plaid models being in the crosshairs of the most potent EQE AMGs.

New Mercedes-Benz EQE price and release date

Mercedes has confirmed that the EQE will go on sale in 2022. Prices are expected to start from around £65,000 – approximately the same as a high-spec E-Class. For comparison, an entry-level Tesla Model S with 405 miles of range costs almost £75,000.

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