New electric Hyundai Ioniq 7: new electric SUV expected to go on sale in 2024

November 16, 2023 by

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The new Hyundai Ioniq 7 has been spotted out on the road for the first time. It’s an electric SUV which takes inspiration from the SEVEN concept, and it’ll go on sale in 2024. Read on for all you need to know. 

  • New Hyundai Ioniq 7 expected next year
  • New electric SUV based on the SEVEN concept
  • Prototypes spotted testing
  • Shares its underpinnings with the Ioniq 5
  • Autonomous driving technology expected
  • Claimed 300-mile range

It’s been a couple of years since the Hyundai SEVEN concept made its debut at the LA Auto Show, and it looks as though a production version will reared its head out on the road.

This electric SUV will provide an alternative to cars like the BMW iX and Mercedes EQE SUV, and it’s expected to go on sale in 2024.

New Hyundai Ioniq 7 SUV design

Back when the Hyundai SEVEN was revealed in 2021, it looked like nothing the brand has come out with before. Since then we’ve seen the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6 come to fruition, so this car doesn’t look quite so bonkers anymore.

That’s not to say it’s in any way boring though. Those pixel lights at the front with the LED light bar across the bonnet look thoroughly modern. These look a little like they belong on an eighties-era stereo equaliser, but you can bet they’ll come programmed with plenty of Audi-esque animations that play when you lock and unlock the car.

A production version of the SEVEN concept, likely to be called the Ioniq 7, has been snapped by carwow’s spy photographers out and about during development testing. It’s in heavy camouflage for now, however you can see that the pixel headlights will be carried over.

You can just about see the low-mounted pixel headlights poking out of the wrap, and there are a couple of slits in the wrap to expose the daytime running lights and indicators.

The rear of the car is well camouflaged for now, with this prototype looking like it has a tent sticking out of it. You can just about tell it has a boxy shape to it, and a slither of the LED taillights can be seen as well.

The SEVEN concept had a bold rear-end design with yet more pixel lighting built into the completely flat tailgate. In fact, most of the surfaces on the SEVEN are flat, with just a few subtle creases to make it look more muscular.

New Hyundai Ioniq 7 SUV interior

There are no shots of the new Hyundai Ioniq 7’s interior just yet, however you can expect it to have similar design cues to the Ioniq 6.

This would mean a dual-screen infotainment system across the dashboard, as well as a fairly minimalist design. You can also expect it to be toned down a bit from the Hyundai SEVEN concept’s cabin.

The concept’s minimalist design with lounge-style seating and unpolished wood really sets it apart from other SUVs on the market today.

The Hyundai SEVEN concept is optimised for autonomous driving, with a control stick that can hide away when you’re in self-driving mode. The interior seating is set up more like a lounge than a car, with armchairs in the front which swivel and what looks like a corner sofa in the back.

The lounge theme continues with what Hyundai calls the island centre console that houses appliances and a built-in fridge for your refreshments. There is also a curious compartment for the passenger’s shoes which freshens them as you drive.

Hyundai may continue the moving centre console idea from the Ioniq 5 in the new Ioniq 7 SUV, but make it more versatile for added practicality.

The SEVEN concept features recycled and sustainable materials to reduce pollution during the production process.

New Hyundai Ioniq 7 SUV motors and driving

Hyundai has confirmed that the new Ioniq 7 will use the same underpinnings as the Ioniq 5 and the upcoming Ioniq 6. This means you’ll likely be able to get it with a single electric motor or as a more powerful dual-motor model.

The larger Ioniq 7 may not be offered with the Ioniq 5’s entry-level 170hp single-motor setup, but you may be able to get it with that car’s more powerful 217hp motor and 306hp dual-motor system.

New Hyundai Ioniq 7 SUV range and batteries

The new Hyundai Ioniq 7 will almost certainly share the Ioniq 5’s batteries as well as some of its motors. Hyundai has confirmed that the SEVEN concept has a range of 300 miles

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Just like the Ioniq 5, a 100kW public charger should boost the batteries from almost flat to 80% full in around 35 minutes, while a beefier 350kW charger (if you can find one) will take less than 20 minutes.

When will the Hyundai Ioniq 7 SUV go on sale?

It’s likely the finished Hyundai Ioniq 7 won’t go on sale until around 2024. When it does appear in showrooms, it’ll likely cost in excess of £50,000. That’s significantly more than a top-spec £45,000 Hyundai Santa Fe.

If you can’t wait for the new Hyundai Ioniq 7 to go on sale, check out the latest electric car offers or see how much you can save on a new Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV.