Fisker reveals all-electric Ronin grand tourer: everything we know so far

August 11, 2023 by

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Designed to be the world’s first convertible all-electric GT, the Ronin will be a limited-run model with a high-end finish and up to 600 miles of range. Read on to find out more.

  • First convertible four-door
  • Set to get tri-motors totalling 1,000hp
  • Range of more than 600 miles
  • 999 units to be made
  • Prices start from $385,000 (£300,000)
  • Release by end of 2025

Fisker has unveiled the Ronin – an electric car that could offer a lot of firsts.

Designed as a four-door convertible grand tourer, the Ronin will be the first car to fit that rather unique brief and it also features some impressive performance figures.

With only 999 units set to be built, prices for the Ronin are set to start from $385,000 (£300,000) with customers needing to put down a $2,000 deposit.

Fisker Ronin design

While these sort of concept-like EV sports cars are nothing new, the Ronin is set to be a truly groundbreaking vehicle.

Henrik Fisker, founder and CEO of Fisker, said at the car’s reveal that it’ll be the world’s first four-door production convertible. Add to the mix that it’ll also be a grand tourer, that’s a mighty combination for a sports EV.

At the front, you get a sculpted bonnet with two inlets that will likely help with active aerodynamics, while there’s enhanced wheel arches too.

You’ll also see a full width light bar with ‘RONIN’ written in the middle, as well as little fins on the front bumper to help with airflow. The lower black bumper contrasts with the rest of the body work.

Down the side, the Ronin has a unique shape. There’s a three-element design, with the roofline at the rear stopping suddenly before dropping into an extended rear deck that will house the carbon fibre roof. Slim wing cameras are also present, while the 23-inch alloys are made from carbon fibre.

You can also see that the rear passengers will get in through butterfly doors, opening in the opposite direction to the front doors.

Fisker loves its light bars, and the rear of the Ronin continues that theme. In the middle of that bar, you get Porsche 911-style vertical lights as well as a deep diffuser to help with rear downforce. There’s two spoilers to help with airflow as well, including the ducktail spoiler at the end of the boot.

Although we haven’t seen the interior yet, Fisker confirmed that the brand will be going in a luxury direction with the Ronin, which will mean less chrome and wood that’s found in the Ocean SUV and upcoming Alaska pick-up. This convertible grand tourer will also be able to seat up to five people.

Fisker Ronin technology

Fisker confirmed that the Ronin will be a showcase of technology the brand will be using going forward. While we don’t know exactly what tech that would mean, we have a rough idea of what will be powering the Ronin.

You’ll be able to use your smartphone to open the doors and unlock the car, while the folding carbon fibre roof can also be controlled by your phone.

While there’s little other information about essential safety equipment, there will be a huge 17.1-inch infotainment rotating touchscreen and a large driver’s display

Fisker Ronin performance

The Ronin will feature tri-motors for all-wheel drive and develop upwards of 1,000hp, much like the other premium electric saloons from Tesla with its Model S Plaid and Lucid’s Air Sapphire.

Like those other super EVs, the Ronin is set to go from 0-60mph in around two seconds, while the top speed is expected to be around 170mph.

To power those motors, Fisker said that the batteries will hopefully be integrated into the structure of the car itself. The aim for the Ronin is to have over 600 miles of range, helping fit the grand tourer brief.

This sleek EV is also set to get active aerodynamics to help it slip through the air and make the most of its battery pack.

When will the Fisker Ronin go on sale?

With the model set to be released in the second half of 2025, there’s plenty of scope for further improvements before it hits the road.

Each model is priced at $335,000, with customers required to put down a $2,000 deposit. A $1,000 refundable deposit can also be paid if people choose to get a second model. Because one Ronin wouldn’t possibly be enough!

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