Smart ForTwo Cabrio Review and Prices

The Smart ForTwo Cabrio is one of the best city runabouts and the addition of a folding roof makes it pretty unique. It’s not very spacious, though, or particularly good to drive.

This score is awarded by our team of expert reviewers after extensive testing of the car

What's good

  • Cheap to run
  • Easy to park
  • Personalisation options

What's not so good

  • Only two seats
  • Dim-witted automatic gearbox
  • Uncomfortable over bumps

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Is the Smart ForTwo Cabrio a good car?

If you want a tiny convertible city car with two seats, you don’t have much choice. In fact, there’s only one: the Smart ForTwo Cabrio. The Fiat 500C is the only car that comes close, but it’s a tad larger and comes with four seats rather than two.

The Smart can match the 500C for an eye-catching interior – you’ll like the trendy dashboard, circular rev counter behind the steering wheel and fabric-topped dash on higher-spec models.

The Smart ForTwo Cabrio is only a two-seater, but there’s good space for you and a passenger. Sadly, getting comfortable in the Smart ForTwo Cabrio isn’t overly easy, unless you pay for it. To get height adjustment for the driver’s seat and steering wheel, you need to go for the optional comfort pack.

The boot in the Smart ForTwo Cabrio is pretty decent for the size of the car at 260 litres. That’ll take a couple of small suitcases, but no much more.

If you spend most of your time buzzing about town and like the wind in your hair, the Smart ForTwo Cabrio makes a lot of sense.

Mat Watson
Mat Watson
Carwow expert

You get a choice of two engines for the Smart ForTwo Cabrio but it’s better to completely ignore the entry-level 1.0-litre because, with 71hp, it’s pretty sluggish even by city car standards. Much better is to go for the 0.9-litre. It has 90hp, thanks to a turbo, which gives it a respectable amount of get-up-and-go.

You can have either engine with an automatic and if you’re happy to live with very slow off-the-mark acceleration, the auto does an alright job of shuffling through the gears.

Unfortunately, driving the Smart ForTwo Cabrio isn’t all that enjoyable. It just about cuts it around town thanks to darty steering that makes it feel eager and lively, but drive driving it over bumps is a bouncy experience. On the upside, the ForTwo’s tiny turning circle makes it possible to do u-turn at any reasonably wide road.

On the motorway, though, there’s lots of wind noise and you need to keep the engine revs quite high just to keep up with traffic resulting in a not very impressive fuel economy, considering the size of the car. Also, the steering you so loved in town now makes the Smart feel a bit nervous.

So if you can live with the so-so driving experience, the ForTwo Cabrio is worth looking into for its unique offering alone. Just don’t forget you can get extra space and a better drive in a Fiat 500C.