Suzuki Ignis interior

The Suzuki Ignis may not have the quality materials or bank-vault build quality of a VW Up, but it’s distinctively styled enough to let you ignore those shortcomings.


Among the neat features are the circular air vents and a cute little instrument binnacle

While the Ignis might not have the polished feel of a VW the plastics feel durable and there are some nice touches such as the circular air vents, cute little instrument binnacle and two-tone dashboard plastics.

The interior colour scheme also changes, depending on the exterior colour you’ve chosen and in general the controls are logically positioned where you’d expect them to be.

The Ignis can’t decide whether it’s a supermini or an SUV, which means interior space is not bad at all

Mat Watson
carwow expert


Watch out Suzuki Ignis infotainment and interior review

The infotainment screen that sprouts from the Ignis dashboard is an aftermarket Pioneer system that is fiddly to use and doesn’t integrate well with the rest of the car. It does support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but the speed of operation and graphics are far behind rivals.

Available trims

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