Tesla Model 3 interior

The Tesla Model 3 re-writes the rule book on saloon-car interiors. It’s uber-minimalist, with nearly every function controlled through its large central screen. It’s all good quality, too, although Audi and BMW still do it better.


If anything, the Tesla Model 3 looks even more striking on the inside than it does on the outside. You can forget the minimalist cabins in an Audi A4 or Jaguar XE, the Tesla Model 3’s interior is almost completely devoid of buttons, knobs or dials of any kind. Instead, you control pretty much everything through a whopping 15-inch touchscreen.

The rest of the Tesla Model 3’s cabin looks a bit plain by comparison, but at least it feels pretty solid – not something you can say of its bigger brother, the Model S. This is Tesla’s best effort yet with the materials inside, but BMW and Audi are still able to make their cabins feel that little bit more special.

I think the Model 3 is stunning inside, which is weird, because there isn't much of it.

Mat Watson
carwow expert


All Tesla Model 3s come with a gigantic 15-inch widescreen touchscreen mounted on their dashboard, through which pretty much everything is controlled. In fact, the only things not controlled by this super-responsive high-definition screen are the electric seats, the position of the steering wheel and the angle of the door mirrors.

This huge screen has razor-sharp graphics and it’s designed and laid out much like your smartphone would be, so is extremely easy to get to grips with. That said, some of the buttons on the screen are quite small, so can be harder to hit when trying to concentrate on driving at the same time.

The satellite navigation is easy to program, though, and the colourful Google Maps imagery makes directions a doddle to follow. It’s good enough that you soon forget Tesla doesn’t offer Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

There’s plenty of opportunity for charging your smartphone in the Model 3, too, because you get a couple of USBs in the front and another couple in the back. Optional wireless charging for the front is available too.

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Tesla Model 3
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